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Drupa New Product Digest

Training Simulators Offered

Press training products and services include sheet-fed simulators with new color control tools; packaging gravure simulators; flexo simulators for wide web, narrow web, and corrugated; and heatset web press training simulators. Visit Hall 6, Stand 6 B29.

Sinapse | +33 169 35 54 00 | www.sinapsegraphic.com

Slitter Is Entry-Level

The Opal EC slitter/rewinder is a compact, entry-level machine with an 800-mm-dia unwind, a 480-mm-dia rewind, and an operational speed to 230 mpm. Widths of 330 and 410 mm are available. Reportedly easy to learn how to use. Visit Hall 12, Stand A25.

Ashe Converting Equipment | 802-254-0200 | www.ashe.co.uk

Produce RFID Labels

The RFID-Ti machine produces RFID smart labels. Wet inlays are inserted with a servo motor-driven dispensing unit for both clear and opaque transponder rolls. A driven unwind and web guide dispenses inlays with precision onto a continuously driven carrier web. Dry inlays are applied in registration at high speeds on a continuously driven, hot melt, precoated release liner. A reader monitors labels after positioning. Visit Hall 11, Stand A44.

Schober | +49 (0) 70 42/79 00 | www.schober-gmbh.de

Coater Suited For Aseptics

Extrusion coater/laminator runs at 500 mpm for webs of paperboard to 400 gsm and aluminum foil as thin as 6 microns. Suitable for aseptic packaging applications with up to seven layers for liquids, cup stock, and ice cream packs. Capable of single- or double-side extrusion coating at a web width of 1,620 mm. Unwind accommodates maximum paperboard roll diameters to 1,500 mm with zero-speed butt splice. Includes double-side flame treating, vacuum web cleaner, three lamination units with automated hydraulic press system for high laminating pressure, and more. Visit Hall 13, Stand B93.

Sung An Machinery | 315-635-8072 | www.sungan.net

Many Features on Flexo Press

Diamond HP 808 flexo press offers printing speeds to 500 mpm; deck makeready while machine is running; pneumatically suspended, tool-less chambered doctor blades; automatic correction of printing pressure at print speed change; and automatic setting of registers and printing pressure at job startup. Visit Hall 3, Stand E04.

Uteco Group | 770-427-4100 | www.uteconam.com

Hybrid for the High End

The Xpannd hybrid flexo/offset/silkscreen machine features high-end converting capabilities including hot stamping, cold foil, embossing, and die-cutting. Combined with the Flower technology, unit offers simple operation, limited downtime, and durability. Company says continuous check on printing quality output results in a reduced incidence of “ghosting” and temperature, dampening, and inking controls reduce waste. Visit Hall 10, Stand C40.

Gidue | +39 (0) 2 96681875 | www.gidue.com

Gravure Press Saves Waste

The RS 4004 HS gravure press is suitable for a large variety of flexible substrates. Features electronic shaft technology integrated with register control via the HDI system, said to enable fast register correction resulting in up to 40% decrease in waste of substrate, ink, and solvent. Trolley-type press has high-speed inking system, motorized and presettable doctor blades, and semi-automatic trolley changeover with cylinder prewashing. Visit Hall 10, Stand A04.

Rotomec | +39 (0) 142 4071 | www.bobstgroup.comPFFC-ASAP 405

Inspect Single Packs

Folding carton producers now can take advantage of the PrintVision/Orion for advanced automatic inspection of single packs. Unit is a 100% quality assurance solution that ensures fault-free products. Turnkey platform comprises a line-CCD-based automatic inspection solution, feeder, conveyor, and ejector station. System can inspect for die-cutting, creasing, and printing problems and eject defective blanks while collecting good products. Visit Hall 3, Stand F69.

Advanced Vision Technology | 770-541-9780 | www.avt-inc.com

Sleeves for Quality Flexo

The ready-to-image photopolymer sleeves nyloflex ITR Thin and nyloflex ITR Classic are seamless printing forms developed especially for high quality flexo printing. Said to offer easy operation, faster makeready, improved press speed, and cost savings. Also available is a new nyloflex plate developed for UV printing. Visit Hall 5, Stand C38, and Hall 16, Stand A21.

Flint Group | +49 711 9816 230 | www.flintgrp.com

Slit & Save Time

The Pluto II slitter/rewinder is designed to reduce waste and downtimes. Featuring larger unwind and rewind diameters and simplified job changeovers, machine is suited for long runs. Built-in features for operator comfort include automated slit edge removal, knife positioning assistant, shaftless unwind with integrated loading, and programmable rewind core positioning. Slitting is accomplished by razor blade for fast setup and rotary knives for high quality. Visit Hall 17, Stand B39.

Soma | +42 (0) 465 350 825 | www.soma-eng.com

Offset Models Introduced

There are three new models in the Diamond V Series of sheet-fed offset presses, all said to have excellent suitability for package printing: the V3000LX designed for optimal printing on various stocks across a wide thickness range; the V3000R convertible perfector press for both single- and double-side printing; and the V3000TP dedicated one-pass perfecting press for fully printing on one side and then the other without tumbling the sheet. Visit Hall 15, Stand C55.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries | +81-3-6716-5277 | www.mhi.co.jpPFFC-ASAP 410

Modules Aid Packaging Quality

New Prinect image control modules and the extension of existing ones reportedly ensure efficient package printing. Prinect workflow can be configured as necessary to meet the diverse requirements of package printing, allowing printshops to produce high quality packaging quickly with only an entry-level integration solution, company says. Visit Hall 1, Stand A01, and Hall 2, Stand A02.

Heidelberg USA | 888-472-9655 | www.us.heidelberg.com

Synthetic Paper For Offset

Synaps polyester-based synthetic paper is for use on offset printing presses. Said to offer superior printability and fast drying time, and it can be used with standard inks. Material is suited for use on all offset printing presses as well as UV inkjet printers. Available in a wide range of weights and is resistant to water, tearing, and UV light. Visit Hall 7, Stand 7.OC.

Agfa Materials | +32 3 444 80 15 | www.agfa.com

Adhesives Are “Green”

Robond adhesives use water-based acrylic technology to offer properties suitable for users challenged by environmental regulations. Said to offer excellent food safety, fast processing during packaging, and high shear strength for faster slitting to streamline the laminating process. Visit Hall 11, Stand D76.

Rohm and Haas | 877-288-5881 | www.rohmhaas.com

Roll-Fed Inkjet Press

The Caslon four-color inkjet press is designed for industrial-strength, roll-fed platforms. Print engine uses the latest drop-on-demand piezo printheads from Xaar, based on company's side-shooter technology for printing UV-curable CMYK ink sets. Offered in two maximum widths: 16.5 and 13.5 in. Can be configured as stand-alone digital printing engine or integrated into company's FA-Line UV flexo press. Visit Hall 4, Stand E10.

Nilpeter | +45 58 50 11 66 | www.nilpeter.comPFFC-ASAP 414

Manage Color with Power

Processor for color management is called powerful and cost-effective. Hot folder-based application is a server-based solution using standard ICC profiles. Allows users to automate the application of an ICC Device and DeviceLink Profiles in color management workflows, with virtually no limits, company says. Result is said to be an accurate and efficient optimization and management of images and PDF files for digital and analog printing applications. Visit Hall 7, Stand 7.OC.

Alwan Color Expertise | +33 4 72 16 08 82 | www.alwancolor.com

Expose UV Plates with Two Models

The UV-Setter Series 400 and 800 platesetters for UV plate exposure operate with conventional UV-sensitive plates. User is able to work with both negative and positive plates. Plates are said to be resistant to light and temperature and insensitive to scratches. Fully and semi-automatic versions are available with single or multiple cassettes, automatic slip sheet removal, and press-ready punching. Visit Hall 8a, Stand D25.

basysprint, a Punch Graphix Intl. co. | +32 (0) 3 44313 11 | www.basysprint.com

Turret Slitter Has Many Options

The latest version of the duplex turret slitter/rewinder TCA/64.E features automatic change, shaftless unwind stand, and overhead web path. Unwinds mother rolls to 1,000 mm dia and rewinds finished rolls to 600 mm dia. Options include differential rewind shafts, computerized control system through touchscreen operator panel with easy setting systems, laser core positioning, and pushing system for finished roll unloading. Visit Hall 11, Stand E74.

Bimec | +39 (0)331-307491 | www.bimec.it

Digital Print Resolution Offers Accuracy

The Omega 36/36i digital inkjet printing system for the print, label, and packaging industry is based on drop-on-demand array technology. Enables variable data to be printed on a wide variety of substrates, including paper, carton, aluminum, polymer foils, and plastics. Compact design allows easy integration into most existing equipment, company reports. Print resolution is 360 dpi, ensuring accurate reproduction of bar codes and font sizes down to 4 pt. Visit Hall 11, Stand C56.

Atlantic Zeiser | +49 7465 291-136 | www.atlanticzeiser.com

Workflow Software Is Upgraded

New versions of OpenRIP Symphony and OpenRIP Flexo Professional PDF workflow software are available. New versions offer integrated Pantone color library support for the color database; Freeform Ganging for fast, flexible output; linearization and dot gain enhancements; halftone processing features; and more. Visit Hall 4, Stand F34.

Xanté | 251-473-6502 | www.xante.com

Folding Carton Press Is Reliable

The ICS670 in-line folding carton press is capable of 350 mpm and to 220 mpm with an in-line flatbed die-cutter. Offers a full range of inline printing, value adding, and converting techniques. A high degree of automation ensures reliable running on complex jobs, company says. Visit Hall 3, Stand F17.

Gallus | 215-677-9600 | www.gallus-group.com

Slit Multiple Products

The Unicon high-performance slitter has a rewind diameter to 1,000 mm and slitting widths 50 mm and up. Accommodates rolls to 2,550 mm wide. Can be used for many applications and is especially recommended for converters with multiple products and short to medium runs. Visit Hall 10, Booth B73.

Kampf Machinery Corp. | 860-640-0040 | www.kampfusa.com

Print Digitally at High Speeds

The 8000 digital color press offers 1,200 dpi imaging quality at high speeds. Two in-line densitometers and high-performance process algorithms guarantee perfect color consistency over time and between presses. Capable of handling expanded substrate widths from 320-512 mm and offers a 504-mm imaging width. Web-fed press incorporates company's X-800 digital front end, enabling a seamless and fast integration into any existing workflow, company says. Visit Hall 8a, Stand D25.

Xeikon, a Punch Graphix Intl. co. | +32 (0) 3 443 13 11 | www.xeikon.com

Hot Stamp with Options

The MK21060STE hot stamping machine with dual platens has two stamping/die-cutting stations and one stripping station. Maximum sheet size is 1,060 x 760 mm; maximum operating speed is 5,000 iph. Machine is flexible; several combinations of job options are available. System said to improve workflow. Visit Hall 11, Stand D57.

Masterwork Graphic Equipment | + 44 (0) 1924 33 9995 | www.masterworkgraphics.co.uk

Imager Raises Productivity

The CDI (Cyrel Digital Imager) Spark 4260 Auto is said to provide a significant increase in productivity for flexible packaging and folding carton applications. Company says automation tools reduce handling steps and potential sources of error. Available in four levels of productivity, unit functions at a maximum speed of 8.0 m2/hr with fully variable resolution imaging. Visit Hall 86, Stand A23.

EskoArtwork | 937-454-1721 | www.esko.com

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