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Die Is Tapered for Productivity
Extrusion Dies Industries
, Chippewa Falls, WI; 715/726-1201; extrusiondies.com
The Contour Die is a flat extrusion die said to improve productivity and product quality by eliminating trade-off between gauge uniformity and streamlined melt flow. Die has a tapered, “sculpted” shape instead of standard block-like configuration and exhibits die-body deflection that is uniform across the width of the die, yet avoids the sacrifice of melt-flow streamlining.

High UV Output, No Added Heat
Nordson Corp.
, Amherst, OH; 440/985-4385; nordson.com
The QuadCure UV lamphead provides high UV output with reduced heat-generating IR energy for effective UV drying across a range of printing applications and substrates. The lamphead's four-segment reflector design directs UV light around the lamp body, said to increase UV output substantially without an associated increase in heating. Heat management is enhanced with a dichroic coating on the reflector, which absorbs IR light.

Get Reliable Soft Starts, Stops
Danfoss Drives
, Loves Pk., IL; 815/639-8600; namc.danfoss.com
The DMS 300 Decentral Motor Switch will soft start and stop the motor in either direction when no variable speed control is required. It can be mounted on the wall or directly to the motor and is said to be compatible with a number of motor brands. Dual-part principle reportedly facilitates fast and reliable commissioning and service.

Slitter Has Automatic Features
Deacro Industries
, Mississauga, ON, Canada; 905/564-6566; deacro.com
Model C24A slitter/rewinder offers integrated automatic knife positioning; laser core positioning; automatic core setup; automatic roll off-loading and palletizing; roll lock differential air shafts; and servo-actuated, triple-mode lay-on roller system for what manufacturer says is maximum versatility. Web speeds are 0-1,500 fpm standard (to 2,000 fpm). Options are available.

Perf, Cut with Top Performance
EMT International
, Green Bay, WI; 920/468-5475; emtinternational.com
The Pro-Cut line of cross perforating and cutting rules is manufactured to stringent tolerances, offering peak cutting and perforating performance, company reports. Line includes multiple blade heights, multiple bevels, standard and long life, and standard or deep-cut micro perf. Products are said to offer minimal bow; maximum blade squareness; precision ground edge; clean, accurate cuts; and less dust.

Electrical Retrofit for Sheeters
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co.
, Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162; maxsonautomatic.com
Dual-motor drive retrofit allows older sheeters to stay competitive with today's precision sheeters, says company. Retrofit replaces a sheeter's existing wear-prone mechanical transmission with a reliable electrical system. Drive system allows cut-off lengths to be set in seconds, assures accuracy levels, and reduces maintenance levels of drive components. Typically, upgrade can be accomplished in less than 40 hr.

Check Valves Before Trouble
Bosch Rexroth Corp.
, Lexington, KY; 859/254-8031; boschrexroth-us.com
The DDL (Drive Diagnostic Link) system displays faults on pneumatic valves and offers detailed monitoring of the electrical control system. The diagnostics system checks every valve, and from the results is able to generate and display appropriate, clear text messages. Check can be carried out as soon as machine is turned on, without waiting until there is a fault.

Microscope Boasts Consistency
, LaGrange, IL; 708/588-1150; gripdigital.com
The Techkon DMS910 digital microscope is said to be twice as accurate, consistent, and repeatable as other hand-held plate measurement devices on the market. It measures conventional screens from 75-300 lpi. Measures stochastic screens as fine as 10 microns and makes halftones easier to see and measure quickly.

Color Optometer Is Flexible
, Newburyport, MA; 978/462-1818; gigahertz-optik.de
Hand-held X1-1 optometer combines luminous color measurement with classical photometer/radiometer capabilities in one universal optometer for use with a variety of single, multi-sensor, and sphere-based detector heads. Offers many features, including on/off backlighting, computer control and power via USB interface, optional Windows-based software with free USB cable, plus terminal software and DLL file.

Reclaim Plastic Waste Faster
Erema North America
, Ipswich, MA; 978/356-3771; erema.net
The RGA 21 T system reportedly reclaims plastic waste into pellets of near-virgin quality at rates of 4,500-6,500 lb/hr. This third-generation RGA T system includes the tangentially connected extruder introduced in the second generation and a much larger densifier-to-extruder ratio. Combination of features is said to deliver a 50% increase in production over earlier systems with the same size extruder and to allow feeding much larger portions of material into the system without prior material size reduction.

Convert Many Types of Cards
Rollem Corp. of America
, Anaheim, CA; 714/935-9130; rollemusa.com
The Revolution smaller-layout card converting system is said to be ideal for processing playing cards, trading cards, postcards, reply cards, game cards, coupons, event and lottery tickets, time cards, and more.

Wide-Range Alignment Check
Pinpoint Laser Systems
, Newburyport, MA; 978/462-8056; pinlaser.com
The Laser Microgage 2000 allows workers to check alignment on production line. Said to be easy to set up and use, system will check mechanical straightness, slide and stage runout, surface flatness, machine parallelism, mechanical squareness, and many other parameters. Will operate over a range of a few inches to 80 ft and provide readings accurate to 0.0001 in., company notes.

Take-Up Machine Rebuilt to Your Specs
Standard Mill Machinery Corp.
, West Warwick, RI; 401/822-7871; standardmill.com
The Leesona #950 take-up machine is offered rebuilt to customer specifications. Manufacturer says machine is designed to deliver optimal productivity while reducing expensive labor requirements. Features include frame assembly; gear train assembly for precision winding; compensator control for ease of removal and adjustment of material; adjustable tension control; material break limit switch; and a preset speed function as a component of the drive chassis.

Slitter Holds Precise Tension
Ashe Converting Equipment
, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK; +44 1473 710912; ashe.co.uk
The Sapphire slitter incorporates a slip-lock control system said to ensure precise tension is maintained on each slit rewound roll. Available in narrow and wide webs, slitter features touch-screen control, automatic knife setting systems, and company's ADS differential shaft system.

Test in Real-Life Conditions
Brookfield Engineering Laboratories
, Middleboro, MA; 800/628-8139; brookfieldengineering.com
The QTS 25 Texture Analyser (originally known as the CNS Farnell QTS 25) is said to provide accurate and repeatable values for a comprehensive range of physical properties, including hardness, COF, fracture force, compression, tensile strength, viscoelasticity, and more. User can perform tests under “real-life” conditions with a large variety of probes and optional features.

Reproduce Linework with No Gravure Screen
Max Daetwyler Corp.
, Huntersville, NC; 704/875-1200; daetwyler.com
TranScribe specialty engraving method is said to eliminate the limitations of linework reproduction in electromechanical engraving. Micro-embossing tool reproduces linework and text elements without gravure screens. Several small trenches build “master screen” cells, which follow the outlines of the text elements exactly and eliminate the usual sawtooth effect. Company says this allows the reproduction quality of a very fine screen while providing the ink volume of a much coarser cell.

Twin-Screw Extruder a First in Size Range
, Somerville, NJ; 908/685-2333; leistritz-extrusion.com
The ZSE-18 is said to be the first co-rotating, twin-screw extruder in this size range (less than 20 mm screw diameter) that utilizes hammered and splined screw shafts to facilitate torque transmission of 74 NM, an increase of 50%+ over keywayed shaft designs. Screw speeds are available to 1,200 rpm with 10 kW in drive power. Applications include R&D, pilot plant sampling, and small-scale production.

Slitter Cuts Downtime
, Phillips, WI; 715/339-2191; marquipwardunited.com
Automatic web-in slitter is a sheeter innovation that permits order size changes without web removal, said to reduce downtime, tearouts, and wrinkling. Company adds automatic positioning ensures slitter heads are aligned accurately, and slitter can perform a size change accurately in 30-90 sec.

Detect Images While Running
, Spartanburg, SC; 864/576-5690; menzelus.com
Camera-operated and computer-controlled vision systems are for plastics, nonwovens, and more. Cameras can detect all kinds of images on running webs, such as printed lines, repetitive patterns, laminated edges, etc., with extreme accuracy and dependability, manufacturer notes. Systems can be integrated in many types of aligning, trimming, or slitting operations.

Winder Line Is Expanded
, Pawcatuck, CT; 860/599-1010; davis-standard.com
Company has expanded its range of Killion KXE winders for film and sheet applications, including narrow web, blown film, and laboratory-scale processes. Winders are said to be ideal for rolls to 29 in. (736 mm) wide. Single-, dual-, and multi-shaft versions are available in fixed or turret configurations.

Zippers for Wet, Dry Retort Use
Presto Products, an Alcoa Consumer Products co.
, Appleton, WI; 920/738-1747; 800/265-0750; fresh-lock.com
New line of Fresh-Lock PP zippers are suited for retort and other high-temperature packaging applications. Zippers are available for both bottom- and top-fill pouch applications and can be used in stand-up pouch or three-side-seal pouch designs. They are designed for use in wet, moist, or dry applications and can be modified to meet specific needs.

Blades, Wheels for Packaging
Zimmer Industries
, Hawthorne, NJ; 800/225-0108; zimmerindustriesinc.com
A line of blades and wheels designed for the packaging industry includes QC100, a proprietary serrated rule that reportedly can cut a variety of packaging foams, honeycomb corrugated, and various laminates with reduced cutting pressure, reduced crushing, and straighter cuts overall.

Metering Rods in Many Sizes
Industry Tech
, Oldsmar, FL; 813/855-5054; industrytech.net
Line of production metering rods is available in a wide range of metric sizes. Rods come in 21 standard diameters from 5-25 mm and in lengths to 12 ft. Teflon, hard nickel, titanium nitride, or chrome surfaces are available.

UV Cure in Flexo and Litho
Aetek UV Systems
, Romeoville, IL; 630/226-4200; aetekuv.com
The UV Genie is a high-performance UV curing system designed for both flexo and lithographic printing and converting. Compact system will fit most presses, says company, with lamps available from 9-27 in. Suitable for thin films running at slow press speeds, system also permits developing the necessary curing power for fast web speeds. Both modular variable power and multi-step constant wattage power supplies are available.

Option Offered for Linear Drives
, Aston, PA; 610/485-8300; amacoil.com
Company offers an extra bearing option for its rolling ring linear drives that is said to double the axial thrust capacity without forcing users to redesign for a larger size drive. The four-ring version of Model RG linear drives (Model RG4-30) delivers 120 lb of thrust, yet housing is only 30 mm (0.5 in.) longer than the three-ring version.

Conveyor Oven Is Efficient
, Paterson, NJ; 973/279-5900; 888/453-6761; glenro.com
Electric IR conveyor oven for clean rooms is built mainly of stainless steel for easy cleaning and regulatory compliance. The 36-in.-wide wire conveyor belt moves product through the oven from 4-40 fpm. Energy delivery comes from an array of 36 medium-wave quartz tube IR heaters with gold reflective backing. Gold backing directs most of the IR heat toward product, reportedly increasing efficiency and eliminating the need for extensive reflectors and insulation.

Tough Cushion Mounting Tapes
Rogers Corp.
, Rogers, CT; 860/779-5597; rogerscorporation.com
R/bak Series 2000 cushion mounting tapes are said to offer added toughness of the soft cushion to reduce tearing on demount. Also provide modified adhesives for easier mounting and demounting and decreased plate lift. Proprietary microcellular urethane cushion technology reportedly provides consistent print performance over time and during changes in press speeds.

Support Accessories Offered
, Wharton, NJ; 973/328-1850; convertech.com
Line of support accessories includes fixed lead, roll centering tapes, US and metric; blowguns; interchangeable tank and button valves; core stops; rotary unions; and more. All are said to incorporate advanced technological capabilities.

Die-Cut Corrugated In-Line
KBA North America
, York, PA; 802/878-9400; kba-northamerica.com
The Corrugraph sheet-fed flexo press for the corrugated container market features an in-line rotary die-cutter. Maximum rated speed is 10,000 sheets/hr, and press can print and in-line die-cut corrugated board from E-flute to AC-fluted double-wall. Features are said to ensure maximum registration control, additional dwell time to facilitate drying, and enough space to accommodate the addition of dryer units. Includes chambered doctor blade system, ink management, sheet-cleaning options, and more.

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