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Overlap Winder Offers Enhancements
, Appleton, WI; 920/730-6888;
Model 4213 RO rotary overlap winder, designed for high-speed production of bags on a roll, features enhancements to increase production efficiency, safety, and ease of operation, co. reports. Wound bags may be perforated or separated and overlapped onto the previous bag with a simple keypad entry at any line speed. Bag overlap can be adjusted 3-8 in. (76-203 mm).

Tester Checks Out Barrier Materials
PBI-Dansensor America Inc.
, Glen Rock, NJ; 201/251-6490;
The Lyssy L80-5000 water vapor permeability tester is said to simplify barrier testing for high- or low-permeability product packages. Reportedly provides reliable, fast cycling and is easy to use. Measures a wide range of barrier packaging material applications, including films, foil, metallized foils, blister packaging, silicone oxygen substrates, surgical and hygienic membranes, and nonwovens.

GLT Web Tension Load Cell
Thermo BLH
, Canton, MA; 781/821-2000;
GLT Transducer design reportedly eliminates drift and frequent recalibration problems. Outline dimensions, identical to existing equipment, provide simple, drop-in replacement. Suited for all installations but offer better performance in applications with high roll weight/low tension ratios or wide rangeability requirements, co. says.

Shaftless Rollstand Reduces Downtime
Maxson Automatic Machinery
, Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162;
Hydraulically powered pivot arm rollstand handles rolls from 18-84 in. dia to 10,000 lb in weight at speeds to 3,000 fpm. Hydraulically powered unit loads the roll using the far chucking arm. Arm moves back and forth through a screw drive to accommodate various size rolls. Clamping pressure is exerted to drive chucks into the core. Stand is mounted on tracks, which allows it to be moved off-line laterally for loading. Sheeter then can continue to run while rollstand is being loaded out of the web flow.

Inspect for Blemishes in Small Footprint
Summit Engineering
, Keysville, VA; 434/736-0114; 800/368-5204;
The DC2000, described as a cost-effective alternative to expensive CCD inspection systems, is designed to detect holes, streaks, and other blemishes. Said to be reliable, easy to install, and to have a small footprint. Offers 100% real-time inspection.

Refurbishing Services Can Add Many Upgrades
Webex Inc.
, Neenah, WI; 920/729-6666;
Co. offers refurbishing services said to upgrade web handling and converting machinery significantly in performance and capability at a fraction of the cost for a new machine. Updating rollers can eliminate web wrinkling, improve web handling, and increase line speed, co. says. Electronic systems can be enhanced to include touch screen panels, programmable controls, and computer control interface. Additional web handling capabilities can be engineered into old machinery, including automated splicing, tension control, web inspection, and more.

System Measures Blown Film On-Line
, Newburyport, MA; 570/223-9867;
The ACS Pro-Fil on-line profile measuring system for mono and coextrusion blown film lines is offered in four line configurations. Designed to measure film during production, system displays measurements on a single monitor. Benefits are said to include simple operation, twin-head pneumatic sensor for increased update time, and noncontact measurement for critical film production. Standard system includes computer, software, monitor, and one gauge. Optional gauges are available for additional lines.

Die-Cutting System Processes Magnetic Material
, Goddard, KS; 316/722-6907; 800/961-6449;
Sheet- or roll-fed die-cutting system allows versatility in production, co. says, while also processing magnetic material. Printed paper receives an underlaminate of magnetic material before being cut. The finished product then can be knocked out of the web or left in to be sheeted and stacked for easy handling.

RQMS Option Enhances Info Products
Eurotherm Gauging Systems
, Billerica, MA; 978/262-1002;
Adding Roll Quality Management System (RQMS) as an option to its System 21 product line complements line of quality information products, co. explains. RQMS allows customers to access, via the use of an intuitive browser, all relevant roll/run quality data. Option integrates roll genealogy and disposition management, allowing customers to make educated decisions regarding quality and production.

Process Cuts Cost of Sample Tray Production
Gralex Inc.
, Lewis Center, OH; 740/548-0558;
The PSD (Prototype Sample Die) process reportedly will reduce the lead time and cost for producing prototype samples of pressed paperboard (dual- and non-ovenable) and thermoformed corrugated trays. Process offers up to 100 samples of custom-sized, single-compartment trays within 10-15 business days.

Coaters Available in a Range of Designs
ADI Intl.
, Matthews, NC; 704/845-1540;
MD coaters and reverse roll coaters are recommended for operations in which speed is unlimited, from a few feet per minute to those requiring 2,000 fpm. Available in width increments from 20 in. to more than 200 in. and roll accuracy 0.0005 to 50 millionths of an inch.

Drawdown Machine Samples in Lab
Industry Tech
, Oldsmar, FL; 813/855-5054;
Drawdown machine is designed for laboratory sampling of hot melt adhesives and other liquids to 300 deg F. Machine is capable of producing accurate drawdown samples to 12 in. wide × 13 in. long, co. says. Other features include the production of wet coatings from 0.00025-0.056 in.; precision-ground working surface; adjustable temperature; and standard ½-in. lab drawdown rods.

New Doctor Blade Suited for Gravure
Max Daetwyler Corp.
, Huntersville, NC; 704/875-1200;
Co. is now manufacturing the Ultralife doctor blade, a wiping blade for gravure and printing. The blade features a hardened coating and reportedly eliminates streaking and reduces hazing. Blade enhances cylinder life due to smooth and consistent wearing characteristics, co. adds.

IR Thermometer Takes Digital Photos
Raytek Corp.
, Milton Keynes, U.K.; +49 30 478 008-805;
The PhotoTemp MX6 is a portable inspection tool that combines a precision, noncontact IR (infrared) thermometer and a digital camera in one lightweight unit, providing detailed digital photographs, says mfr. For tripod-mounted, continuous monitoring, operators can utilize the video function and set high and low alarms for each location, which trigger the unit to take photos the moment target temps fall out of expected range.

New Version of Press Offers Enhancements
Paper Converting Machine Co. (PCMC)
, Green Bay, WI; 920/494-5601;
The Infiniti II is called the "next generation of gearless technology." It features technology of the Avanti, released in 2001. The press features a smaller footprint, improved print decks, enhanced register controls, increased print quality, and other enhancements. Available in eight to ten colors with web widths from 41-57 in.

Motor Is Smaller and Lighter
Rockwell Automation
, Greenville, SC; 864/281-2171;
The Reliance C500/GS315 motor is added to co.'s RPM III DC motor product line. New motor optimizes the power output from a motor of this frame size and allows for the flexibility of specifying either NEMA or IEC dimensional requirements. Offers a reduced footprint and lighter overall weight.

Slitter/Rewinder Runs Automatically
Senntech AG
, Densburen, Switzerland; 860/651-1536;
The PW 300 slitter/rewinder will run core or coreless from 1-3 in. with a maximum width of 80 in. Maximum O.D. is 11.8 in. Machine wraps the material around the shaft with no tuck or glue. A cross cutter cuts the material, and the flap is closed with either glue or tape. Roll is then ejected automatically to collecting table of packaging line.

Pre-Preg Treater for Thin, Layered Laminates
C.A. Litzler Co. Inc.
, Cleveland, OH; 216/267-8020;
Com-Preg is a compact pre-preg treater for high-value pre-pregs. It is designed for ultra-thin, multilayer laminates and special high-value products. Reported benefits include the ability to produce small volumes of special materials and prototype new products quickly and cost-effectively.

Transducers, Sensors Added to Line
Maag Pump Systems Textron Inc.
, Charlotte, NC; 704/716-9000;
Co. has added a complete line of pressure transducers and melt temperature sensors to its product portfolio. New instruments are available in metric and US standard sizes.

Printing Blankets Promise Sharper Dot
Phoenix North America
, Fords, NJ; 732/346-5353
Sapphire blanket features an elastic, compressible layer co. says will extend its longevity and improve print quality. Blanket is resistant to smashes and chemicals and reportedly minimizes dust buildup. Co. also introduces Ruby blanket for UV applications, featuring high resistance to heat and chemicals.

Daylight Simulation for Color Matching
Paul N. Gardner
, Pompano Beach, FL; 954/946-9454;
SpectraLight Jr. viewing booth provides multiple light sources for color matches and evaluation of color quality and uniformity. It uses the same filtered tungsten halogen daylight technology found in the SpectraLight III and comes equipped with five selectable light sources for a full range of color evaluations. The viewing booth typically is used for evaluation of small, hand-held samples such as color chips.

Device Enhancements Aid Screening Capability
GRIPdigital Inc.
, LaGrange, IL; 708/588-1150;
Co. announces optional enhancement for its Centurfax Digital DotMeter designed for use in prepress and pressroom areas. The resolution of the device increased to 14,000 dpi, permitting dots as small as 20 microns dia to be read on plates and prints. Can read both conventional and stochastic dot values, in addition to ink and film densities.

Blend Six Components for Less Money
Maguire Products Inc.
, Aston, PA; 610/459-4300; 888/459-2412;
The Weigh Scale Blender Model WSB-160 comes equipped with a six-compartment hopper, each with its own material-dispensing valve. Said to cost less than typical six-component gravimetric blenders due to its small size. Designed for lines running at rates to 450 lb/hr (200 kg/hr).

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