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Test Dynamic Pressure
Tekscan Inc.
, Boston, MA; 617/464-4500; 800/248-3669; tekscan.com
The I-Scan system is a diagnostic tool that evaluates, views, and measures static and dynamic tactile pressure. Includes patented, thin-film array sensors, intuitive software, and interface electronics. Said to be a crucial component in identifying nip balance problems.

Software Eases Data Connections
Advanced Production Systems
, Louisville, KY; 502/423-0882; 800/841-3141; teamaps.com
I/Gear data transport software and devices provide what is said to be simple and inexpensive connectivity between nearly all types of PLCs, human machine interface software, enterprise software packages, bar code scanners, and more. Offers real-time connectivity and is said to reduce manufacturing integration costs dramatically because of its universal connectivity. A flexible triggering system supports the most complicated data exchange rules, co. notes.

Control Tension Now with Digital System
Dover Flexo Electronics Inc.
, Rochester, NH; 603/332-6150; dfe.com
The Webhandler3 is a digital version of co.'s WebHandler2 analog tension controller. Automatically maintains a preselected tension set point by reading the change in web tension from a tension transducer (load cell) in the web path, then sending a compensating signal to a tensioning device such as pneumatic brake, clutch, or DC drive. Suited for use in unwind, rewind, or intermediate process zones; system can be retrofitted or installed on original equipment.

Bag Machine Features Servo Technology
, Middle Village, NY; 718/821-1115; roan.com
The Patriot in-line bag machine features a three-axis servo control system; teachable head positioning, fiber optic communications, solid state contactors; color touch screen, recipe function; and central lubrication systems. Line speeds are to 350 fpm. Bag length is from 6 in. to any desired length. Options are available.

Slit/Wind Hot Stamp Foils
, Simsbury, CT; 860/651-1536; senntech.com
The MPW300PS slitter/center surface winder runs hot stamping foils to a web width of 2,000 mm and rewind core I.D. of 25.4 mm, 50.8 mm, and 76.2 mm. Maximum finished roll O.D. is 300 mm. Unit is fully automatic.

Test Different Materials Under Varied Conditions
Advanced Pressure Products Inc.
, Ithaca, NY; 607/257-5544; 800/825-5764; pmiapp.com
Model QS201A integrity analyzer provides a quick and simple testing procedure for detecting acceptable pressure leaks for quality control compliance, co. reports. Can be set up to test different materials under different test conditions and to store all data, which can be transferred to other locations and used by other software packages. Has the ability to run tests in as little as 30 sec at pressures to 20 psi (1,300 Kpa).

Dyne Test Pen Easy to Read
Jemmco LLC
, Mequon, WI; 262/512-9559; jemmco.com
The Jumbo Dyne Test Pen features a spring-loaded, wide felt tip said to provide an easy-to-read laydown of solution. Pen is refillable and offers a replaceable felt tip to reduce contamination and improve testing accuracy, co. says. Available in dyne levels from 32-58 dyne.

Verify Bar Codes with Portable Unit
, Skaneateles Falls, NY; 315/685-8945; hhp.com
The Quick Check Series compact, portable verifiers analyze bar code quality against traditional quality parameters and ANSI/CEN/ISO bar code print quality guidelines. All standard symbologies are included with each unit.

Prevent Corrupted Quark Documents
, Santa Ana, CA; 949/756-5100; markzware.com
MarkzTools 5 is an XTension that can be used to prevent corrupted QuarkXPress documents. Helps eliminate file corruption while saving, allows user to verify saved documents, and enables user to save a temporary copy of document before saving original document.

Check Flexo Plate Measurements AccuratelyX-Rite, Grandville, MI; 616/534-7663; 800/248-9748; x-rite.com
FlexoDot allows user to measure exact dot sizes and screen rulings on CTP and conventional flexo printing plates. According to co., converters can calibrate platemaking systems accurately; uncover and resolve plate problems before they are mounted and sent to press; and check test forms, color tints, and live images directly on the plate surface. System is portable and said to be easy to operate.

Manage Ink and Prepress Color with Software
Novaflow Systems Inc.
, Prescott, ON, Canada; 613/925-5926; novaflow.com
Co. has released Version 10.0 of its materials and color management software for the flexo and gravure wide and narrow web printing markets. Features a wide array of built-in tools, including ink purchasing from an ink room computer to the supplier through built-in e-mail order entry. Software is said to provide a simplified method of management, formulation, and print design data, returned ink workoff, stock control, environmental reporting, and aid in speeding up prepress color preparation.

Brush Roller Has Many Uses
, Darien, IL; 630/769-9700; rotadyne.com
Brush roller is a durable alternative to conventional foam and sponge rollers for a variety of applications, including static elimination, web or sheet cleaning, feed, delivery, folder, and more. Co. says brushes do not require any special coatings, will not tear out, and can be cleaned easily.

New Foils Offer Direct Printed Look
Kurz Transfer Products LP
, Charlotte, NC; 704/596-9091; 800/333-2306; kurzusa.com
“Ink Only” heat transfer foil is said to provide possibilities for surface decoration without visible variation of gloss to the substrate. Foil provides a direct printed look and is available with up to nine custom colors. According to co., process is cost-effective and suited for varying applications.

Inspect for Many Different Defects
Applied Vision Co.
, Akron, OH; 330/724-9600; applied1.com
The Genius IQ color vision system is a process quality control solution for every form of continuous printing, including web, gravure, flexo, and offset presses. Designed to inspect for defects such as color variations, misregistration, hazing, streaks, color smears, spots, splashes, misprints, and spatial defects. Uses an automated sampling process to achieve 100% inspection coverage, mfr. says.

Tip Lift for Fork Trucks Handles Rolls to 900 Lb
Tilt Lock
, St. Michael, MN; 800/999-8458; tiltlock.com
Tip lift designed for fork truck attachment is available for mounting on most electric fork trucks. Featuring capacity to 900 lb, unit is designed for a 12-V DC operation and comes equipped with a 12-V air compressor for operating the pneumatic tooth release mechanism.

Rewind Extensible Materials Continuously
Faustel Inc.
, Germantown, WI; 262/253-3333; faustel.com
The FilmMaster rewind system with flying splicers allows continuous rewinding, eliminating downtime for roll changes and related material waste, says co. Will wind even highly extensible films or slippery materials, notes mfr. Features PerfectStart fold-free transfer technology.

Capillary Rheometer Aids Quality Testing, R&D
Dynisco Polymer Test
, Morgantown, PA; 508/541-9400; 800/396-4726; dynisco.com
The LCR7000 Series capillary rheometer is designed per ASTM D3835 test specifications. This laboratory bench-top instrument employs a 32-bit microprocessor that reportedly enables improved temperature control, digital recognition of sensors, real-time multisensor data output, and a dynamic speed range of 20,000:1 for quick QA/QC testing or detailed research.

Software Helps Manage Energy Costs, Usage
Rockwell Automation
, Milwaukee, WI; 414/242-8200; 800/223-5354; rockwellautomation.com
RSEnergyMetrix web-enabled energy management software combines data communication tools, client-server software, and advanced web technology to capture, analyze, and store energy data. System tracks energy usage, cost, and power quality. Co. says load profiling, cost allocation, and billing capabilities allow user to correlate energy costs to production costs and provide accurate cost accounting based on energy consumption. Real-time data and historical trend reports assist in preparing energy budgets, negotiating better rates, and avoiding unscheduled shutdowns.

Servo-Driven Roll Feed Controls Upgraded
Waddington Electronics Inc.
, Cranston, RI; 401/781-3904; waddingtonelectronics.com
Upgraded control panel and software for co.'s line of servo-driven roll feeds includes the ability to make micro-adjustments on the fly. Adjustments can be made in 0.0001-in. increments while feed is running. Other new features include a cut-to-length cycle that backs material off the cutter to protect the front edge and prevent scraping; a kerf cut cycle to add for slug length automatically; and 14 gag outputs and programmable patterns.

Destroy VOCs, HAPs While Reducing Costs
CMM Group
, De Pere, WI; 920/336-9800; thecmmgroup.com
Catalytic oxidizers are designed to destroy VOCs and/or HAPs at temperatures from 500-650 deg F. To help reduce operating costs, oxidizers use a counterflow plate-type heat exchanger to preheat incoming exhaust fumes. Typically, co. reports, user can achieve a VOC destruction efficiency of 99%.

Die-Cutting System Suited for Small Runs
Esko-Graphics North America
, Vandalia, OH; 937/454-1721; esko-graphics.com
The DCM digital die-cutting system is said to help provide small lots, just in time. Based on the Kongsberg automatic cutting and creasing table, machine minimizes operator involvement while maintaining continuous operation, according to co. Main function of the operator is to load and unload stacks of material from the machine.

Test Water Vapor Barrier Quickly, Reliably
PBI-Dansensor America Inc.
, Glen Rock, NJ; 201/251-6490; pbi-dansensor.com
The Lyssy L80-5000 water vapor permeability tester is described as accurate, reliable, and fast cycling. Co. reports it is designed for ease of use. Measures a wide range of barrier packaging material applications including films, foil, metallized foils, blister packaging, silicone oxygen substrates, surgical and hygienic membranes, and nonwovens. Measures water vapor transmission ranges from 0.001-10,000 g/m2/day.

Map Nip Profiles in Real Time
Sensor Products Inc.
, East Hanover, NJ; 973/560-4826; sensorprod.com
The Tactilus electronic tactile force and pressure indicating sensor allows an engineer to monitor in real time how force is disbursed between any two contacting or mating surfaces. Helpful for measuring nip pressure and roll contact pressure in coating machines. Reveals inaccurate roll alignment and roll skewing. Co. adds system also is suited for determining crown correction, revealing damage to roll covers, and indicating roll wear.

Cure UV Gloss on Preprinted Linerboard
Prime UV Systems
, Carol Stream, IL; 630/681-2100; primeuv.com
High-speed, multi-lamp UV processor for preprinted linerboard is designed to be installed in-line with CI flexo presses, as well as gravure and offset web presses. Dryer features computer-controlled, air-cooled UV lamp systems and is contained within co.'s light shielding housing custom-designed for the needs of the packaging industry. Can be retrofitted to existing web presses or installed on new presses.

Digital Printer Is Flexible
Dalemark Industries Inc.
, Lakewood, NJ; 732/367-3100; dalemark.com
The Coditherm 95 digital printer allows thermal transfer marking of products that are flat, flexible, curved, circular, porous, and nonporous. Copy changes are said to be fast and easy. Printer permits versatile, high quality, 300-dpi marking of production batches with texts, bar codes, and variable logos.

Mask Is Key to Digital Plate for LetterpressBASF Drucksysteme GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany; +49 (0) 711/98 16-0; basf-drucksysteme.de
Co. says nyloprint D provides the direct digital transfer of data to the printing plate in letterpress printing. Plates are equipped with a black mask layer into which the information is transferred by means of a laser beam. Plates are available on a polyester or steel base. All laser devices presently used for photopolymer flexo printing plates can be used for lasering of plates, co. reports.

Find Surface Defects in Real Time
i2S Line Scan
, Niskayuna, NY; 518/374-3045; 888/842-7872; i2s-linescan.com
FlawScan “smart system” for surface inspection transmits images and statistics of web defects over an Ethernet link to a plant remote workstation. A real-time web video display shows the location and class of all defects, and alarm levels can be set independently for each defect class. A wide range of statistical reports and charts are included. Said to be compatible with all popular line scan cameras.

Tester Operates in Two Modes
Brookfield Engineering Laboratories Inc.
, Middleboro, MA; 508/946-6200; 800/628-8139; brookfieldengineering.com
The R/S-SST rheometer soft solids tester measures yield behavior in gels, pastes, and liquid/semi-solid materials with suspended particles. Can operate in both controlled stress and controlled rate modes. Vane spindles provide viscosity and shear stress measurements.

Inspection Light Fills a Need
Unilux Inc.
, Saddle Brook, NJ;201/712-1266; unilux.com
Cadet surface inspection strobe light is suited for slitters with tandem rewinds located 2-3 ft from the light source. Fills the need between focusing capability of its Lith-O-Light (LOL) 40 and the power of its HD 851 strobe light, co. says.

Calibration Oils Are Suited for QA Testing
Sheen Instruments Ltd.
, Surrey, U.K.; +44 (0) 20 8541 4333; sheeninstruments.com
Viscometry calibration oils are said to meet the exacting needs of today's labs and ensure optimum standards for quality assurance testing. Oils are suitable for the calibration of most types of viscometers, including cone and plate, Krebs, co.'s Rotothinner, and flow cup types. They are certified to give Newtonian behavior over the temperature range 21-26 deg C at 1-deg incremental steps, and they contain no potentially hazardous silicone.

Dispense Adhesives Accurately
Liquid Control Corp.
, North Canton, OH; 330/494-1313; liquidcontrol.com
The Filmstar DL is designed for processing 100% solids or solventless laminating adhesives. Delivers an accurate amount of mixed adhesive at a specific mix ratio to the application rolls on a solventless laminator. Features a twinmixer dispense head with disposable motionless mixer; 5-min calibration; variable ratio precision rotary pump technology; and more.

Inspect Heat Seals Ultrasonically
PTI/Packaging Technologies & Inspection LLC
, Tuckahoe, NY; 914/337-2005; 800/532-1501; ptipacktech.com
The Seal-Scan Model 525 is a non-invasive, non-destructive, airborne, ultrasonic (ABUS) inspection technology for heat seals designed for use with sealed pouches, including side seals, trays, blisters, packages, and cups made of Tyvek, paper, foil, or plastic. Off-line system is said to offer true statistical process control. Employs proprietary high-resolution transmitters and receivers to examine heat seal integrity and detect common defects.

Ink Jet Print onto Primary Packaging
, Brookfield, CT; 203/740-9333; trident-itw.com
The SolidJet printing system is designed to deliver high quality ink jet printing on primary packaging for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and personal care uses. Comprises SolidMark ink and SolidJet printhead capable of printing bar codes and up to four lines of alphanumeric text for uses such as the printing of date and lot codes.

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