Size Doesn't Always Matter

CMM 2003 may have been smaller than in past years, but focused buyers prove... Size Doesn't Always Matter

Fewer booths and a modest head count were deceiving to most at the start of this year's CMM show, held April 14-17 at Chicago's McCormick Place South. But what was first perceived as a disappointing turnout by some has been hailed as a success by other exhibitors.

“We had high quality traffic and good sales. I hope this is a springboard for the rest of the year,” says Brian Ludwig, Jennerjahn Machine. Al Novelli, Novation Inc., comments, “If the show had ended after the first day, we would have been happy with our sales and overall results.”

This sentiment is shared by other exhibitors who said fewer attendees actually translated into more focused buyers, which generated “high quality leads.”

According to Leo Nadolske, VP of Paperloop, the show organizer, “Given the current state of the global economy, the war in Iraq, and the SARs scare, I am very pleased that 22,438 highly qualified converting professionals from 55 countries attended the show.” Nadolske says booth reservations for CMM 2005 have exceeded more than 60% of the exhibit space, and several companies are expanding booth sizes.

New Additions and Old Favorites
Both the new AIMCAL and Brazilian Pavilions were claimed to be well received and attended. “The AIMCAL Pavilion was a great partnership to bring all the companies under a single umbrella,” says Frank Sereno, president.

Pery Bomeisel, organizer of the Brazilian Pavilion and president of Weldotron do Brasil, expressed similar sentiments. “The participating Brazilian organizations were pleased with the results and expect to have a much larger group in 2005.”

The conference program was divided into two major tracks, management and technical. The Latin American Export seminar had close to 100 attendees. Other popular sessions included PFFC's “Economic and Marketing Trends in the Global Converting Industry”; “Other Grades of Paperboard Can Learn from the Tissue Industry”; “Better Web Handling”; “UV Ink Systems”; “Basics of Electron Beam Curing”; “Energy Curable Adhesives”; and several CEMA-sponsored seminars.

Hot Debuts
Always a hot spot for the latest technology, many exhibitors introduced new products and equipment at CMM 2003. So if you missed the show, here's your opportunity to “stroll the show floor” through the pages of PFFC. Best of all, you can do it from the comfort of your desk chair. So just put your feet up and enjoy the show!

Slitter/Cutter Offers Variety
John Lack Equipment
, Wellingborough, England; +44 (0) 1933 441646;
The Pasquato TGL slitter/cross cutter is said to offer outstanding sheet cutting or rewinding performance on many materials. Computer-controlled, continuously variable speed feed calender automatically decelerates and stops feed-through immediately prior to cutting. Offers razor-in-groove, circular shear knife, or air-operated score slitting.

Guide Difficult-to-Sense Materials
Fife Corp., a Maxcess Intl. co.
, Oklahoma City, OK; 405/755-1600; 800/639-3433;
The DAC-004 digital camera sensor enables converters to guide a wide range of difficult-to-sense materials, co. says, adding operation and setup are simplified with innovative software. Said to have a high resistance to contamination, dust particles, oil, vapors, and water. Has the ability to connect via analog or digital with fieldbus network connectivity and runs in a variety of applications.

Blades Last Long, Reduce Defects
Specialty Blades Inc.
, Staunton, VA; 540/245-1009;
Endurium M-2 slitter blades are said to provide a long-lasting sharpness that results in more accurate cuts and significant reduction in web and/or trim tears, thickened edges, wavy edges, contamination buildup, and downtime from blade replacements.

Dispense Ink with No Splash
Stork Dispensing Systems
, Charlotte, NC; 704/921-5262;
Automated, computerized gravimetric dispensing systems are designed for use with all liquid printing inks. Said to offer fast and accurate splash-free dispensing and on-shade color every time with perfect batch-to-batch reproducibility.

Sheeter Can Go without Stopping
, Goddard, KS; 800/961-6449;
Dual-axis sheeter, automation-engineered for 24-hr operation, offers multiple-roll, nonstop sheeting to process at high speeds without damaging material, co. says. Dual-gripper system stacks material without stopping the machine; traveling clamp gripper grabs the front edge of the sheet and gripper performs a flying handoff to next gripper, which carries sheet to the stacking location.

Gravure Laminating Inks Offer Improved Safety
Sun Chemical
, Northlake, IL; 708/562-0550;
RotoPure and RotoPure Ultra gravure laminating inks are high-performance, solvent-based systems designed to print on a wide range of film substrates and structures. Both use co.'s proprietary polymer technologies, which eliminate the need for toluene diisocyanate (TDI) and tin-containing compounds. Co. says these components have been dropped to improve product safety in food packaging without reducing pressroom performance. Ink systems are called ideal for use in stand-up pouches and other flexible packaging applications.

Sleeve-Imaging Technology Is Versatile
Creo Inc.
, Burnaby, B.C., Canada; 604/451-2700;
The ThermoFlex device images variable repeat sleeves but retains the ability to image digital flexo and rotary letterpress plates, as well as film with formats to 52 × 80 in. Design is said to provide flexibility for users running digital plates, digital plates-on-sleeves, and continuous sleeves. Includes semi-automatic changeover from plate imaging to sleeve imaging and accommodates sleeves with repeats to 42 in. (1,050 mm) and lengths to 72 in. (1,829 mm) in both continuous digital photopolymer sleeve and digital plate-on-sleeve formats.

Slitter/Rewinder Saves Time and Effort
Stanford Products LLC
, Salem, IL; 618/548-2600;
The Model 738/738 HC slitter/rewinder is available in widths from 30-45 in. with rewind diameters to 32 in. Capable of running extensible films, film laminates, p-s label stock, and paper. Co. says time- and effort-saving features include pneumatic knives, a rewind roll pusher, a rewind unloading system, and unwind roll lifts. Step-in platform allows easy access to slitter knives.

Lightweight Shafts Offer Ergonomic Benefits
Tidland Corp., a Maxcess Intl. co.
, Camas, WA; 360/834-2345; 800/426-1000;
The GX Ultra-Lightweight shaft is called the lightest air shaft available for light- to medium-duty applications. Available for 3- and 6-in. core sizes, shaft can be built with configurations to fit virtually any application, co. says. Lightweight tools help converters reduce work-related musculoskeletal disorders, increase productivity, and reduce labor costs, mfr. reports.

Surface Winder Offers Flexibility
Catbridge Machinery
, Newark, NJ; 973/824-0236;
Model 210 heavy-duty surface winder offers quick size changes and flexibility in product nature, co. says. Offers speeds to 3,500 fpm; web widths to 220 in.; 60-in. standard rewind diameter; ability to handle all materials, including nonwovens; shafted and shaftless rewind; and programmable tension and density controls.

Gearless Press Allows Quick Changeover
, Feeding Hills, MA; 413/789-3800;
The FB 2108 is an eight-color, gearless, CI press available in web widths from 42-66 in., with infinitely variable repeat between 13 and 33 in. and a top speed of 1,500 fpm. Cantilevered plate and anilox mandrels are supported on both sides during operation, reportedly allowing quick replacement of anilox and plate sleeves. Print section design is said to reduce changeover times.

Tension Control System Has Advanced Features
Magnetic Power Systems Inc. (Magpowr), a Maxcess Intl. co.
, Fenton, MO; 636/343-5550; 800/624-7697;
Cygnus tension control technology offers advanced features that are easy to understand, co. reports. Achieves accurate web control and allows reduced set-up time with features such as automatic tuning and out-of-round roll compensation, co. adds, and complex tension settings can be input quickly.

Apply Adhesives Directly to Window
Roberts PolyPro
, Charlotte, NC; 704/588-1794; robertspolypro.comHigh-speed, in-line windowing applicator applies windows to folding cartons with precision, co. says. Modular unit can be integrated directly with existing folder/gluers. Has single-lane, in-line speeds of 36,000-50,000/hr depending on carton size and pitch. Applies adhesive to the window rather than the carton, reportedly reducing many problems.

Inspection Sampling System Operates in Color
Vigitek Ltd.,
Limerick, Ireland; +353 61 336900;
The VigiPrint 1001 automated inspection system is an area camera-based sampling system that operates in color. Using a three-chip CCD and a zoom factor of 1:16, system typically has a field of view of 240 mm × 180 mm at a zoom of 1. Operator can set up a program of web traverse, with different zoom levels at any point, that the system can loop continuously.

AC Drives Fit in Variety of Spaces
ABB Inc.
, New Berlin, WI; 262/785-8542;
The ACS 800 low-voltage AC drive family is compact and said to provide high performance, programming power, and flexibility. Available in NEMA 1 or NEMA 12 enclosures (without de-rating). Freestanding enclosures of the drives in the range from 150-600 hp turn easily to fit into deep, narrow spaces or wide, shallow spaces, co. notes.

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