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More New Products for the Converting Industry

Adhesives Provide ''Quick Stick''
National Starch & Chemical, Bridgewater, NJ; 800/797-4992; nationalstarch.com

Duro-Tak 36-612A adhesives, a family of rubber solution p-s adhesives, are suited for double-coated tapes, foam gasketing, and mounting tapes. Designed for continuous-process hand applications, adhesives are said to provide a "quick stick." Co. reports that field use shows adhesives perform well in industrial applications and adhere to a wide variety of substrates, including metals, treated woods, extruded vinyls, and glass. As a dry film, adhesives appear clear and colorless.

Analyze Anilox Rolls with Kit
Harper Corp. of America, Charlotte, NC; 704/588-3371; 800/438-3111; harperimage.com

Lab-In-A-Box anilox surface analysis kit contains all the materials necessary to view anilox inventories accurately, mfr. says. Kit includes either 10 or 25 Echocheks[TM], a metallized laboratory tape that, when applied to the face of an anilox roll, will result in a microscopic imprint of the cell geometry and provide a structural blueprint of the engraving currently on the roll. Instruction booklet and forms on diskette also provided.

Bengal Inks Offer Superior Water Tolerance
Gans Ink & Supply Co., Los Angeles, CA; 800/421-6167

Bengal Pantone shades represent a new generation of technologically advanced inks, says mfr. Suitable for both large presses printing high-end graphics or for small-format, sheet-fed presses, inks are said to offer the "widest window of water tolerance" available. Product's strong lithographic tolerance is reported to promote drying, good blanket and roller stability, and low misting. Inks feature subsequent processing compatibility with UV and aqueous coatings, foils, and stamping/imprinting applications.

Brake Features Compact Diameter
Nexen Group Inc., Vadnais Hts., MN; 800/843-7445

BTB-10 tension control brake is ideal for corrugating, labeling, printing, and other web tension control applications, says co. Designed for mounting on shaftless unwind stands and other shaft-end applications, it includes a built-in fan for heat dissipation. Simple torque pin-bolt design is said to match the mounting circle diameter of most popular flange-mount units. According to co., BTB-10's compact outer 11-in. dia sets an industry standard.

Brake Has No Wearing Parts
Magnetic Technologies Ltd., Oxford, MA; 508/987-3303

Model 513-001 hysteresis brake is manufactured from stainless steel for fine tensioning applications. Unit is 1 in. dia and has a torque range of 0.15-2 in. oz. Requires no external power and has no wearing parts for reliable, repeatable, maintenance-free operation, co. says.

Brakes Deliver Power-Off Holding Capacity
Warner Electric, Dana Corp., South Beloit, IL; 815/389-3771

The ERD Series of electrically released, spring-set brakes are used for power-off load holding or to hold loads in position safely if power or motor failure occurs. Available with torque capacities ranging from 4-221 ft lb and diameters from 3.3-9.9 in. Bi-directional stopping capability is standard. Maximum speeds are 3,000 or 3,600 rpm, depending on brake model. An optional central torque adjustment allows braking torque adjustment down to 50% of the nominal rating.

Canister Machine Ideal for In-Plant Forming
Paper Machinery Corp., Milwaukee, WI; 414/354-8050

PMC-1250M canister-forming machine is said to produce two-piece paperboard canisters that offer packaging solutions traditionally provided by composite cans. Machine forms round canisters up to 12 in. high. Designed to operate at speeds of 90-120 containers/min. Compact footprint and low operating cost make it ideal for in-plant container forming, co. reports.

Cartoner Top Loads Flexible Pouches
Dimension Industries LLC, div. of Douglas, Maple Grove, MN; 612/425-3955

Dimension Model 550 cartoner is designed to top load flexible pouches into cartons at speeds to 100 pouches/min, 10-17 pouches/carton. Model is equipped with twin XY robotic pick-and-place units that collate, pattern form, and load cartons. Modular design allows for single- or multiple-load stations, and two Servo-Smart accumulation towers can be utilized to respond to product on demand. Said to have a powerful and intuitive interface that offers real-time production data, maintenance scheduling, and changeover settings.

Cartridge Coater for Fast Changeover
New Era Converting Machinery Inc., Hawthorne, NJ; 201/670-4848; neweraconverting.com

Second-generation Portable Interchangeable Cartridge Coater System (PIC) is said to facilitate fast, toolless changover of coating methods. Air, electric, hydraulic, and water utility connections are accomplished automatically via a specially designed coupling assembly. Options include a cantilevered sleeve roll and remote gap setting readouts and/or controls, plus a PC-based operator's interface system for fully integrated control. Accommodates multiple application methods such as gravure, offset gravure, diffferential gravure, reverse roll, four- and five-roll, kiss, wire rod, slot die, and knife coating.

Coating Is Resistant to Heat
ADMTronics Unlimited Inc., Northvale, NJ; 201/767-6040; admtronics.com

Santel HR98 is a complex styrene acrylic polymer specially linked with a high molecular weight-modified acrylic. According to mfr., combination provides a coating with high heat resistance that is used in applications requiring heat release without the use of silicones. Polymer is suitable for coating linerboard in mold release applications, says co., and also can be applied to polycoated board as a seal inhibitor. Can be applied by conventional roller coating equipment, such as gravure, flexo, and reverse roll, or by air knife or rod coaters.

Corona Treaters Added to Loan Program
Corotec Corp., Farmington, CT; 860/678-0038; corotec.com

Co. announces the inclusion of the wide web Uni-Dyne corona treater product line into its comprehensive equipment loan offering program. With this addition, co. reports that at least one example of every treating system it sells is now available for customers to test at their own sites. Program also includes co.'s narrow web Uni-Dyne systems and Plasma-Jet systems for multi-surface corona treating on three-dimensional objects, and its complete line of standard narrow and wide web treatment systems.

Deposition System Has Range of Options
CHA Industries, Fremont, CA; 510/683-8554

The Mark 50 high-vacuum deposition system features precision coating of both fixed and flexible substrates, a "load lock" chamber for source isolation, and interactive computer control of system operation. Available with a quick-access source design for maintenance. Can be used for both sputtering and evaporation processing, either as dedicated systems or sequentially within the same run. Space-efficient system can be configured for a wide range of applications, co. notes.

Differential Rewind System Reduces Downtime
Titan Converting Equipment, Bedfordshire, England, +44(0)1767-310100; valmetconverting.com

The Quickshaft differential rewind shaft system is said to reduce downtime dramatically by eliminating the requirement to strip down the rewind shafts when changing to different slit widths. System has a minimum slit width of 50 mm and is supplied in diameters of 70, 76, 120, and 150-152 mm (combined). It can be used with cardboard, plastic, or steel cores. Available as optional equipment on new machines or can be retrofitted to existing Titan SR6 and SR5 slitter/rewinders.

Doctor Blade Offers High Performance
Andreotti Engineering, Barnsley, S. Yorkshire, England

The 2G (Second Generation) carbon fiber chambered doctor blade system is said to incorporate several features that give a competitive advantage over first-generation chambers. Mfr. reports improvements provide clear benefits in performance, design technology, and installation.

Drive Series Is Expanded
Danfoss Drives, div. of Danfoss Inc., Rockford, IL; 815/398-2770

The VLT 2800 Series of drives has been expanded to include the 5hp/230V and 7.5hp to 10hp/460V power classes. Drives are said to be easy to program and offer side-by-side, horizontal, or vertical mounting capability; constant system monitoring; control and diagnostics; and Automatic Motor Turning (AMT) for optimized system performance. Enhanced software capabilities allow operational repeatability typically associated with packaging applications and reportedly are ideal for many other applications.

Dryer Designed for P-S Adhesive Coatings
Pagendarm BTT GmbH, Hamburg, Germany; +49 40 890960; pagendarm.com

Vacutex dryer is said to provide excellent position for coated films and papers. Co. says difficult products run smoothly in dryer, including products with a strong tendency to curl, inferior quality films with slack edges, and bags that can be run only at high web tensions in a conventional-type dryer. Speed of drying air can be adjusted for optimum results. Another reported advantage of dryer: If web breaks, no undried adhesive soils drying nozzles, because broken web leaves the dryer with the edges aligned.

Enhanced LLDPE Resins for Films
Chevron Chemical, Houston, TX; 800/231-7575

Vytek and Dynex LLDPE resins are said to feature improved physical properties and provide an alternative, reliable supply of consistent, high-quality polymers for difficult applications. Co. notes that both have outstanding hot tack and heat seal properties and consistent low gel performance, and they will provide potential savings in the form of downgauging.

Films Are Friendly to Environment
Cortec Corp., White Bear Lake, MN; 651/429-1100

Ecofilm and EcoCorr film are both 100% biodegradable and provide users with a short-term eco-conscious, cost-effective packaging solution, says mfr. Both films are impervious to oxygen, water, and oils, and they reportedly degrade into harmless carbon and water molecules in outdoor, landfill, and compost conditions.

Flexo UV Ink Cleaner Cuts Cleaning Time
Citrus Safe Inc., Chicago, IL; 773/638-6900

Yellow Magic is described as an easy-to-use, environmentally friendly cleaning product for flexo UV inks, UV overspray varnishes, and UV coatings. Mfr. says Yellow Magic cleans more easily and quickly than old cleaning products, cutting clean-up time in half. The water-based cleaner contains only 2.2% VOCs and has a "zero" flammability rating. Cleans anilox rollers, doctor blades, metering rollers, UV ink pans, sidewalls, and press frames.

Gantry-Style Palletizer Maximizes Line Efficiency
Acculift, div. of Douglas, Alexandria, MN; 320/763-6587

Acculift Model Platzr palletizer is said to maximize line efficiencies and speeds by automatically dispensing pallets, slip sheets, and tier sheets. Co. reports that gantry-style palletizer runs three case sizes in interlocking patterns at speeds to 35 cases/min. Includes a product turner; two discharge stations that hold two full pallets while a third is being loaded; and fewer moving parts for reduced maintenance. Optional transfer car is available to transport full pallets to warehouse conveyors.

High-Tech Bonding for Folding Cartons
Henkel KgaA, Dusseldorf, Germany; +49-2 11-7 97-63 21

Adhesion 7362 dispersion adhesive gives laminated and varnished folding cartons the stability they need, says mfr., who adds that application is extremely smooth. Co. reports that adhesive shows unprecedented strength, and, even with UV varnishes, this strength often makes bonding surface masking unnecessary. Available in various viscosity grades.

Hydraulic Clamps Offered with Options
M-V Handling Logistics, San Antonio, TX; 210/366-8757

Line of ITAB hydraulic clamps will handle rolls and in single and multi-units. Clamps have rotations of 90, 180, 200, and 360 deg. Can be ordered with or without the patented Smart System, which has no moving parts in the clamp and is monitored through the hydraulic system. Clamps can be custom-made for special operations.

Idler Features Allow Higher Speeds
Webex Inc., Neenah, WI; 920/729-6666; webexinc.com

Ultralight aluminum idlers are said to allow operators to run lighter webs at higher speeds. The idlers reportedly weigh as much as 60% less than standard rolls and deliver breakaway torques as low as 0.2 oz/in. Double bearings at each end of the roll are oil filled for free-running performance and to keep shafts true to the roll while minimizing bearing-side loading. Rod walls are precision machined to 1/8 in. and are balanced to operate at high speeds.

Infrared Thermometer Series Is Upgraded
Raytek Corp., Santa Cruz, CA; 831/458-1110

The ST Series of noncontact "point-and-shoot" thermometers has been upgraded with key features said to improve use and accuracy across a wide range of diagnostic functions. The IR thermometers feature circular laser sighting to identify the measurement area more accurately and improved optical resolution to measure smaller areas from the same distance (or the same area from a greater distance).

Ion Blower Offers Gentle Air Flow
Haug North America, Mississauga, Ont., Canada; 905/206-9701; 800/714-8331

Ion Air Blower is designed to remove static surface charges from nonconductive material such as paper and film. Gentle flow of ionized air is said to allow operator to de-charge areas difficult to reach with conventional equipment. Blower is said to be ideal for winders, unwinders, and conveying applications. Easy to maintain and upgrade due to modular design. Ionizing bar and power supply can be disconnected within minutes and without tools, mfr. reports.

Ionizer Increases Production Speed
TAKK Industries, Cincinnati, OH; 800/792-8255

Curtain air ionizers effectively eliminate static electricity problems, mfr. reports. Available in six portable models, each ionizer unit is said to establish an extra wide and deep field or curtain of highly concentrated ions, completely neutralizing positive and negative static from processing equipment and product surfaces. Mfr. adds that units will increase production speed, enhance product quality, and improve operator safety.

Larger-Format Sheet-Fed Presses Now Available
Man Roland Inc., Westmont, IL; 630/920-2000; manroland.com

Roland 900 sheet-fed presses are being offered in formats of 1,100 x 1,600 mm and 1,200 x 1,600 mm. Said to feature a high level of automation to help lower production costs, even for very short runs.

Lift Heavy Loads and Reduce Spills
Drum Runner Material Handling Co., Columbus, OH; 800/378-6786

Model 3500 is said to improve safety and reduce spillage for applications requiring the lifting, transporting, stacking, and palletizing of 5-gal pails. Capable of lift heights to 67 in. and features a heavy-duty, carbon steel frame, oversize swivel casters, and a simple foot pump lift mechanism. Allows users to lift loads to 150 lb, co. reports.

Lift Rolls of Material Safely
Conversource, Chesterfield, MO; 636/537-1565; 800/808-1565

The Alpha roll lifter reportedly is designed to lift and move rolls of material easily and safely. According to mfr., with a maximum lifting weight of 500 lb and a maximum lifting height of 48 in., Alpha is the ideal choice for loading and unloading rolls of stock and printer material.

Load Cell Suited for Harsh Environments
Cleveland Motion Controls, Cleveland, OH; 216/524-8800

The Washdown-Duty LC measures and monitors precise tension on web process machinery. With a sealed design that provides for corrosion and chemical resistance, the under-pillow-block-style load cell is described as an ideal solution for demanding industrial environments. Has a compact, low-profile design and can be mounted at any angle.

Load Turner Has Unique Flow Process
Ducker Automation, Matthews, NC; 704/321-2310

Jumbo load turner is 100 x 200 in. with a stack height of 47 in. up to 78 in. System features what is described as a unique flow process to accommodate the need to turn units before and after the press—top print, upfold, or finishing.

Motion Controller Is Expandable
Baldor Electric Co., Fort Smith, AR; 501/646-4711

The NextMove-PCI motion controller is a compact card that provides multi-axes motor control and extensive I/O. Also supports CAN communications. It is programmed with co.'s MINT motion-control programming language. Card provides control for 8 axes of servo/stepper/vector motors and can be expanded to 12 axes. Uses 32-bit floating point DSP, operates at 50 MHz, supports position capture times of 200 nsec, and accepts encoder signals to 7.5 MHz.

Optical Three-Dimensional Profiler Suited for Many Applications
Veeco Process Metrology, Tucson, AZ; 520/741-1044

Wyko NT1000 optical 3D profiler manual metrology system uses noncontact interferometry for highly accurate, fast three-dimensional surface height measurements from 0.1 nm-1 mm, says mfr. With applications suited for R&D, quality inspection, failure analysis, and process control, the system is said to provide precise surface details on thick films as well as in other areas such as optics, ceramics, advanced materials, precision surfaces, and microelectronics. Gauge-capable NT1000 includes a manual X/Y stage, coarse/fine focus, and tip/tilt adjustment with optional multi-objective turret and field-of-view lenses.

Paper Testing System Is Modular
Technidyne Corp., New Albany, IN; 812/948-2884

Profile/Plus automated paper testing system is said to be economical and flexible because it is modular. Each instrument has a large, fully functional screen and an internal paper feed mechanism for easy operation, co. reports. Can be used as a stand-alone tester or as part of an automated testing line. Current modules are PPS; caliper; opacity; Sheffield and Bendtsen roughness; and Sheffield, Bendtsen, and Gurley porosity. Gloss and brightness modules soon will be introduced.

PE Has Low Density, High Molecular Weight
Equistar Chemicals LP, Houston, TX; 713/652-7300

Alathon XL3805, the initial grade in co.'s new line of lower density HMWPE resins, has a density of 0.938 g/cc and a melt index of 0.05 g/10 min. According to mfr., film made of XL3805 exhibits improved contact clarity, has a softer feel versus traditional HMW-HDPE resins, and has shown improved tear properties. Co. adds that at thicker gauges, resin's tear and dart drop properties dramatically increase, as compared to traditional 0.959 density HMW-HDPE resin films.

Pile Turners Reduce Back Injuries
Colter & Peterson, Paterson, NJ; 973/684-0901

Rachner pile turners handle sheets from 20-57 in. in length, with custom-designed machines available for larger formats. Turners require minimal floor space and no special foundation. More sophisticated models include aeration, jogging with an alignment ruler, and electric turning. Optional ionization is available to stop static buildup. Elimination of manual turning of stock helps reduce work-related back injuries, co. reports.

Platen Printer Outputs Top Quality Graphics
Adolph Gottscho Inc., Union, NJ; 908/688-2400

Flexographic platen printer 800 Series is said to be ideal for lines that include intermittent motion thermoforming and pouch or blister machines. According to mfr., platen printer provides top quality imprints, scannable bar codes, and graphics on Tyvek, laminates, and all types of paper, film, and foil. Print size range is 6 x 4 in.-18 x 18 in. Incorporates flexo doctor blade system with anilox roll and ink fountain to ink each imprint completely. Utilizes water- or solvent-based inks in "press-ready" disposable containers.

Pumps Are Compatible with UV Coatings
Miltec UV, Stevensville, MD; 410/604-2900; 800/999-2700

Air-operated, double-diaphragm pumps are compatible with UV coatings, inks, and adhesives. Internal wetted components and bodies are said to be resistant to UV chemistries. Available in sizes of 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 1, and 2 in. Features durable molded nylon housing. Said to be self-priming up to 12 ft.

Retrofit CI Press to Eight-Color
Machine Renovation Technology/MRT, Appleton, WI; 920/993-0000

Convert six-color CI presses into eight-color models with retrofit conversion solution. According to mfr., with retrofit conversion, for a fraction of the cost of a new press, printers can expand their print capabilities and extend the service life of their existing presses. Solution keeps all printheads on the central drum so register is not an issue, co. reports, and existing drying system can be utilized. Also now available from co.: online used-parts inventory listing; assists in equipment acquisitions and sales; and quality and performance consultations.

Roll Handling Can Be Safe and Cost Effective
Tilt-Lock, Plymouth, MN; 612/593-4039; tiltlock.com

Coupling the power of co.'s Tip Lift with its self-supporting Spanmaster crane system is said to ensure safe, secure, and cost-effective roll handling. According to co., the Spanmaster offers enclosed track and patented overhead track system; lifting capacities from 500-4,000 lb; flexible hanger assembly; easy installation and operation; a choice of either electric or air power sources; and an ergonomically designed work center.

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