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PPC Spring Conference Addresses the Number One Mistake in Hiring and Retaining Employees

It’s a problem that hiring managers experience all too often: a new employee who performed well during the interview ultimately fails to get results on the job. Then the hiring process begins all over again—and again.

The Paperboard Packaging Council’s (PPC) recent Spring Meeting in Coronado, California, taught professionals from North American paperboard packaging manufacturing companies in attendance how to break the cycle and find excellent employees. During a half-day workshop, Barry Deutsch, executive recruiter for IMPACT Hiring Solutions, shed light on crucial areas like interviewing, job testing and collecting references.

Deutsch began with the provocative idea that, when it comes to interviewing, most companies are measuring the wrong things. He advised attendees to avoid placing too much weight on positive interview performance. In fact, research shows there is zero correlation between interview and on-job performance. The very best interviewees may just be the best actors, while those who interview poorly may turn out to be the best performers.

Rather, managers should measure candidates’ potential for success on the job—whatever that looks like. Deutsch revealed that the number one mistake companies make in hiring and retaining great employees is failing to define success in concrete, specific terms.

Once that success is defined and thoroughly communicated to the candidate, there are concrete steps interviewers can take to gauge potential performance. When it comes to interviewing, Deutsch suggested asking interviewees for multiple specific examples of what they accomplished in past organizations, how they did those things, and what they learned.

Deutsch went on the explain that the interview process should also include a test using real experiences that resemble what the candidate will be doing on the job. The candidate should be able to deliver the desired outcome in a style that is consistent with the organization and team culture. Finally, in order to get an unbiased picture of the candidate, interviewers should ask for references from specific individuals like past supervisors as well as customers.

Deutsch was just one knowledge leader who presented during PPC’s conference, with other topics including crisis management, the economy, and trends in digital technology. The event featured a supplier showcase breakfast where converters received updates on technology and substrates from industry experts. Attendees also attended special interest committee meetings on sustainability, marketing, rigid boxes, industry data, and women’s leadership.

PPC’s next conference will take place Oct. 23-25, 2019 in Minneapolis.

For more information, visit paperbox.org/fall.

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