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Critical Trends

Our 2010 survey of Critical Trends facing converters revealed some remarkable observations gleaned from the responses of 246 qualified participants across our industry (as shown below), recorded between February 4 and April 7. As a composite whole, respondents overwhelmingly indicated positive expectations in 2010 business activities compared to the past two years. And, while materials costs are still high, their rise in cost dropped significantly with a mean increase of 6.7% as compared to last year's 8.8% (see June '09, p35*).

Survey sent to an effective mailing of 16,682 recipients. Qualified returned surveys from only converters (no suppliers or equipment manufacturers) numbered at 246.

*PFFC has recorded these trends since 2006. Visit www.pffc-online.com/special_reports for responses to past “Critical Trends” surveys.

Custom Research

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