CPP Gets Converters on Track with Conference Program

LAS VEGAS, NV | CPP Expo, HA Bruno’s Converting & Package Printing Exposition, will offer a comprehensive conference track for converters at the upcoming show being co-located with Pack Expo  at the Las Vegas Convention Ctr. on September 26—28.

Conference sessions include the following:
• Considerations to Further Lean and Sustainability Initiatives in the Converting Environment, sponsored by Mark Andy: 9:00 AM—10:00 AM—Presented by Bill Denzen, general manager, Smyth Cos.;  Pallavi Joyappa, director of operations, Emerald Packaging; and Ian Hole, market development manager, EskoArtwork.
Description: Packaging and label converters are continuously looking for ways to make their businesses more profitable, efficient and green. Lean manufacturing techniques have become more widely accepted and are a critical part of achieving these goals. This session will provide personal accounts from packaging and label converters who have implemented Lean and Sustainability initiatives in their facilities to enhance their production environment. Equipment and consumable providers will also discuss technology advancements available today which make attaining these Lean goals even more achievable.
• The Cost of Sustainability, sponsored by Nordmeccanica Group: 12:45 PM—1:45 PM—Presented by: Giancarlo Caimmi, VP, Nordmeccanica Group, and Guido Kollbach, technical director, Flexible Packaging Adhesives, Henkel Corp.
Description: Sustainability may involve investments for new equipment and new technologies but it can be more than an aggravation in costs for the converter. In almost every case sustainability can be regarded as a significant saving in production costs. Energy-saving machinery is, at the same time, a sustainable approach and a cost saving: energy efficient equipment will quickly pay back the extra cost and will generate savings for its entire life. Simultaneously, adhesive formulation can help in many different ways to reduce pollution, waste, and energy consumption. A variety of alternative solutions for sustainability in machinery, process, and adhesives will be discussed with real life examples.

• Choosing UV/EB: What Printers Say, sponsored by Radtech: 9:00 AM—10:00 AM—Presented by: Don Duncan, director of research, Wikoff Color Corp.
Description:  A review will provide the reasons different printers chose to implement UV or EB technology, based on their comments made during interviews. The bases for the choices include waste management, response time, pressroom flexibility and issues concerning food packaging. Advantages and disadvantages of different ink chemistries for both lithographic and flexographic printing will be reviewed.
• Using Offline Finishing to Enhance the Converting Workflow, sponsored by Mark Andy: 10:15 AM—11:15 AM—Presented by: Natalie Menzies-Spradlin, VP, Ample Industries; Michael D'Angelo, VP, Business Unit Web Feed, Bobst Group North America; and Kevin Kelly, CEO, Emerald Packaging, Inc.
Description:  Offline finishing has become more and more important to converters, with high-quality, finished rolls critical to profits and securing future business. Technologies in finishing systems have undergone significant advancements in control systems and web management capabilities, making them an even more critical piece in the converting environment. This session will provide insights from narrow- and mid-web label and packaging converters into how they have utilized offline finishing to better enhance the print workflow. Finishing system suppliers will also be on-hand to provide technology updates that have benefitted converters worldwide.
UV/EB for Food Packaging: Can/Should/Must We?, sponsored by Radtech: 11:30 AM—12:30 PM—Presented by: Don Duncan, director of research, Wikoff Color Corp.
Description:  UV and EB printing technology for food packaging is a white-hot issue in 2011. With the discovery of some UV ink residues in food, which was found in Europe a few years ago, more governmental activity, in the form of regulations and more active interest, has been a great concern to printers. Large consumer product companies also have taken an active stance, sometimes in the absence of complete information, to produce lists of acceptable and unacceptable ink raw materials for food packaging. We will try to take a balanced view of all the issues and decide where the best fit is for UV/EB in food packaging.

To register for sessions, click here. For complete details on the Conference Sessions at CPP and Pack Expo, click here. For attendee information on CPP Expo, call 201-543-5060 or visit by clicking here

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