EcoCortec Partners in Marine Clean Project


ST. PAUL, MN | Cortec Corporation reports that EcoCortec, its European subsidiary located in Beli Manastir, Croatia, played a major role in international €1.1 million Marine Clean Project—“Marine debris removal preventing further litter entry,” sponsored by CIP Eco-Innovation Program. The main goal of this project is preventing hazardous environmental impact of conventional plastic materials discarded at sea, as well as promoting sustainability and innovative technologies.

As a production partner for flexible packaging in this project, EcoCortec introduced EcoOcean material: film and bags constructed from what the company says is the latest biobased polymer technology on the market, PHA. They are developed completely with the environment in mind and contain 77% of biobased content.

The project Marine Clean deals with decreasing marine litter, said to be a dangerous ecological problem that is growing rapidly. The great majority of marine litter (more than 90%) consists of plastics, which has become one of the biggest contaminants in the world’s oceans. As most types of plastics are not biodegradable, plastic debris poses a serious threat to various living species, boats, and coasts.

EcoOcean is fully marine-biodegradable and will biodegrade by anaerobic digestion in marine, natural soil and water environments, backyard composting systems, and municipal composting facilities. It is heat -and moisture-resistant, reportedly making it ideal for compostable bags and many flexible film packaging applications.

Some of the targeted markets for marine degradable packaging are cruise lines, hotels and resorts in coastal areas of Europe, as well as ecologically sensitive regions along rivers and lakes.

Company says one important aspect of the project is to influence change of policies within European Union in order to minimize pollution and develop a new technological platform for the next generation of environmentally friendly products and practices that can be implemented in all countries of EU.

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