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Innovia Films Offers BOPP with Barrier


CUMBRIA, UK | Innovia Films recently launched Propafilm RCU, its first proprietary acrylic coated BOPP film that reportedly has proven barrier to mineral oil migration for up to 1.5 years.

Andy Sweetman, marketing manager Packaging & Sustainability for Innovia Films, says, “This is obviously an area of concern for many dried food manufacturers. We are currently running over 40 trials across Europe with existing and potential customers. Some are exciting developments. We are unable to be specific at this time, but we hope to be able to announce more details in the near future. On the back of this successful launch, our R&D team have rapidly accelerated the final stages of development work on a sister product—Propafilm RBCU, a white version.”

Company says Propafilm RBCU has all the qualities and benefits of RCU , including excellent barrier, a low sealing threshold, and a broader sealing range. Manufacturers and packers who prefer a solid white film now have an alternative option, and company believes the chocolate and snack markets are likely to be interested in this product due to its versatility.

Sweetman adds, “Our new ‘bubble’ line investment work, which means increased capacity, will come on stream later this year. This allows us to refocus our efforts on our polypropylene range of films. We are also working on another extension to the range—a one-side-coated variant designed specifically for laminate applications.”

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