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Filmquest Signs Agreement with JK Materials

BOLINGBROOK, IL | Filmquest Group, an international merchant converter and value-added provider of packaging films, reports an exclusive agreement with JK Materials, South Korea, for distribution of its Nylon packaging films in the US. JK Materials started manufacturing Nylon film products after it acquired the South Korean-based BOPA plant from Honeywell in 2009.

“JK Materials film products provide a proprietary integrated solution for many Nylon film applications, and we expect these Nylon films to be quickly adopted by the market,” says John Felinski, president and CEO of Filmquest Group.

“Filmquest represents a proven and successful supply channel of covering the market in the United States with a staff of experienced and highly motivated experts,” says Gil-Young Lee, executive director of JK Materials. “The addition of Filmquest’s existing sales force allows us to blanket the packaging market in a manner that is timely, cost-effective, and credible.”

“We are excited to have a committed growth partner like JK Materials,” adds Felinski. “We believe this agreement will allow us to expand stronger performing, more economical, and experienced portfolio of solutions for our customers’ requirements.”

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