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Jindal Films Announces Capacity Additions

MACEDON, NY | Jindal Films, global supplier of BOPP and BOPET, announces capability additions in Europe (Virton, BE) and North America (La Grange, GA). The two complementary locations will house state-of- the-art testing laboratories for exhaustive film characterization and will be equipped to simulate customer conditions on packaging, printing, and labeling machines. A new orientation pilot line will be centrally installed in Virton to better serve company’s new developments globally, offer quick access to new film prototypes, and accelerate new films ready to market.

Company says this new hardware capability will be combined with a skilled international team of scientists, engineers, and technicians who master all fields of expertise from polymer and coating science, down to processes and field applications.

“This is a big step and great way to celebrate more than 40 years of continuous leadership in innovation,” says Pascale Wautelet, global technology director. “We have embodied innovation with new products that have changed the flexible packaging and label industry…. This new global footprint will give us access to breakthrough technology and support our aggressive growth plans.”

Adds Scott Van Winter, EVP Americas, “This underscores our long-standing commitment to providing customers with next-generation technologies. Our focus is on leveraging our global scale to deliver local advantages for our customers.”

Work will commence immediately and is planned to be fully commissioned by July 2016.

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