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Jindal Offers Metallized OPP Films

NEW DELHI, INDIA | Jindal Films offers Metallyte MM688 and MM648 films. Biaxially oriented polypropylene (OPP) films feature company’s very low temperature seal (VLTS) coating, which is said to deliver high performance in demanding high- and variable-speed horizontal form/fill/seal (HFFS) packaging applications.

A printable, overcoated metallized surface on the opposite side reportedly enables consistent machinability, excellent graphics, and barrier to moisture, flavors, and aromas. Company says this performance and protection come in a single film, so lamination is no longer required in order to achieve the desired moisture barrier and product protection. This allows producers to lightweight their packaging while maintaining product shelf life and enabling further distribution.

Films are called ideal for high-speed packaging lines, HFFS packaging lines where accurate heat control is a problem, and HFFS packaging lines where dwell times vary due to frequent machine speed changes.

Company says products deliver excellent performance, protection, and promotional opportunities for food and non-food packaging applications.

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