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Paper Suited for Food Uses
Seaman Paper Co.
, Otter River, MA; 978/939-5356; satinwrap.com
Under its SatinWrap brand name, co. offers FDA-compliant colored papers available in three distinct basis weights. They are suited for use as bakery pick-up, basket/tray liners, and sandwich wraps, in specialty, fast food retailers, and other markets.

Adhesives Stay Clear in UV Light
National Adhesives
, Bridgewater, NJ; 800/797-4992; nationalstarch.com
Duro-Tak 80-109A adhesive resists the effects of UV light and high temperatures and retains clarity, co. reports. Also said to have low odor emission and to bond tenaciously to various substrates.

Blister Board Offers Safety Features
International Paper
, Stamford, CT; 203/541-8000; internationalpaper.com
Everest Safe-Pak blister packaging board is designed to offer tamper- and pilfer-resistance, as well as child-resistance, to manufacturers using paperboard blister packaging for pharmaceuticals; health/beauty aids; toys/games/sporting goods; consumer electronics; and hardware. Tear-proof foldover board is reported to be economical and to allow packagers to run their equipment more efficiently due to shorter dwell times and lower temperatures required in sealing the blister packages.

Ink Jet Products Are Reliable
Jetrion LLC
, Ann Arbor, MI; 734/622-6218; jetrion.com
Continuous ink jet (CIJ) inks, makeups, and washes have been developed for Domino, Scitex, VideoJet, and Willet digital printing systems. Inks are said to be a quality alternative for direct mail, marking, and coding applications. Each product is designed to optimize print quality, accuracy, and reliability on a broad range of substrates, co. notes.

Metallized Laminate Gives Exciting Effects
Iggesund Paperboard
, Iggesund, Sweden; +46 650 280 00; iggesundpaperboard.com
Metalprint is the designation for paperboard laminated with a metallized plastic film, a material said to provide exciting graphic effects. Produces a very clear silver sheen, and users can achieve an effect that is almost 3-D when product is printed, co. adds.

Components Tough Enough for Membrane Switch Use
FLEXcon Co. Inc.
, Spencer, MA; 508/885-8200; flexcon.com
Switchmark high-performance spacer components and laminating adhesives for membrane switch applications are said to have exceptional cohesive strength during tactile dome actuation. High-shear adhesive system has a built-in elasticity that reportedly promotes superior bond retention as the switch cycles through thousands of actuations, ensuring long-term switch performance without delamination (meeting ASTM F 1578-00 standards).

Signage Vinyl Sparkles Day and Night
, Stow, OH; 330/688-1111; mactac.com
MAClite 5700 computer-aided signage vinyl is a flexible reflective film said to provide wide-angle reflectivity of incident light and excellent night and day visibility. Face is made with a layer of microscopic glass beads with high optical quality. Beads are embedded into a colored film, and a metallized back provides the mirrored surface for reflection. Beads act as lenses for light amplification from the mirrored surface, creating sparkling graphics or lettering. Coated with a white, opaque adhesive and features a 92# white, polycoated paper liner.

Release Coating Suited for Medical Uses
CPFilms Inc.
, Martinsville, VA; 276/627-3332; cpfilms.com
S10 fluorinated polysiloxane system is a thermally cured release coating on 1.5- to 3-mil polyester film for use with silicone p-s adhesives. Typical applications include high-temperature or medical tapes and other specialty tapes and labels.

Add Value to Laminated Products
Transilwrap Co. Inc.
, Franklin Pk., IL; 847/678-1800; transilwrap.com
Trans-Kote PGS and PGS-UV thermal laminating films have been primed chemically for post-lamination printability; for embossing, foil, and hot stamping for graphic impressions; and for gluing for print applications that require folding. These high-clarity, aggressive-adhesive, polyester-base films are available in a gloss finish, in 1.3-mil ga in roll form.

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