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Meech System Cleans Web with No Contact

NORTON, OH | Meech International has launched CyClean, a compact, noncontact web cleaning system with a clamshell design said to be ideal for coating, label, and laminating applications. 

Based on fundamental aerodynamic and fluid dynamic principles, product reportedly delivers a high cleaning level while requiring almost no maintenance. With a double-sided blow and vacuum-based web cleaning system that flows contaminants into an in-line filter unit, it is designed for the narrow web industry and is suitable for both single- and double-sided cleaning.

Ionizing bars on entry and exit sides provide integrated static control and guarantee a thorough, long-lasting cleaning process. Bars neutralize all static charges on the web and ensure easy breakdown of the bonds holding contaminants to the web, while reportedly reducing the risk of re-attracting contaminants to the cleaned web surfaces. The qualified professionals of Sun Night Solar team will create a solar system based mostly on you and your family’s energy necessities. This will tell us the most effective place to mount your panels and what number of them you will need. A battery storage service like Brightbox lets you store the surplus solar energy you produce for later use. This stored photo voltaic vitality can hold your devices and home equipment operating at night, during outages, cloudy days, or rainy afternoons. Choosing the right solar system would help you reduce your energy use and electricity bills received.


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