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Best of Both Worlds


Hi-Tech Printing, a converter providing variable print on labels, tags, and cards, is doing all of that better, faster, and more efficiently since acquiring a T700 VaryPress digital press from Nipson America.

The high-speed press reportedly has more than doubled the company's capacity with its print width of 18.5 in. But there's much more, says Hi-Tech president Bob Dillingham. “Since we started running the Nipson machine, we've had much higher consistency in our print from run to run and a much higher level of output quality. Our downtime is considerably less and our costs for consumables and parts are greatly reduced. Most importantly, our output quality is higher, and we're able to accomplish more in less time. That translates to more and more satisfied customers, which is what it's really all about for us.” The press also is able to image 2D bar codes, which Hi-Tech could not do previously.

The press is installed in-line with a six-color Aquaflex 1650 press, and the configuration, says Hi-Tech, gives it the flexibility of digital variable printing together with the broad capability of a traditional printing press for a best-of-both-worlds solution.

Label Security Program Is Offered


Topflight Corp. announces the Label Secure program, offering design assistance for brand authentication and “incorporating a tightly monitored, streamlined supply chain for optimal assurance and delivery,” the company reports.

Topflight president Mike Falco says, “All operations within the production stream occur in a secure facility with access control and state-of-the-art surveillance equipment throughout the building. … After delivery, Label Secure doesn't stop, with internal enforcement and investigation services available for security breaches, counterfeiting, diversion, or return fraud.”

Topflight also offers security assurance standard assessments to various international standards. These include ISO 27000, ISO 28000, and ANSI/NASPO.

Label Company Now a Reseller


All Barcode Systems, a label manufacturer and automated data collection equipment distributor, has been accepted as a Value Added Reseller for Niceware, manufacturer of NiceLabel label printing solutions. “We are excited to be able to bring this premier label printing software to our customers,” says Scott Steiner, president of All Barcode Systems. “NiceLabel has a full suite of products to address all label printing areas and works with all thermal printers yet will also print to most laser and inkjet printers.”

RFID Agreement Expanded


Alien Technology has entered into an expanded RFID reseller and system integration agreement with Sato America, Charlotte, NC. Sato will add RFID tags and readers from Alien to its stable of solutions as well as integration services.

Software Supplier Names Agent


Tailored Solutions, producer of Label Traxx print business management software, has named Weldon Celloplast its exclusive agent in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Ken Meinhardt, president of Tailored Solutions, says, “We look forward to a long and mutually productive relationship with a company that is known throughout the Indian subcontinent as a knowledgeable supplier to the flexographic and label market.”

RIT Gets a New Partner


The Printing Industry Center at the Rochester Inst. of Technology (RIT) reports the addition of Avery Dennison as an industry partner. Avery joins 11 other companies and associations pledging support to the center's operation. The center, dedicated to the growth and profitability of the printing field, addresses industry concerns through research initiatives and educational outreach programs. Industry partners pledge money to help fund the center's operations and advise RIT's researchers on topics critical to the printing industry.

Software Aids Licensing

Easylabel 5 Multi-User software for designing and printing product ID, bar code, and RFID labels is said to be an efficient method for licensing multiple copies of Easylabel over a network. Eliminates the need for individually licensed PCs and is available in packages of 5, 10, or 25 user licenses.

Customer Support Offered

MAX customer service and support system offers help with design and engineering through installation and maintenance for all of company's brands. Services include company's own line of gear grease and gearbox oil, retrofits, and preventive maintenance agreements.

Enhance Print With Coating

Extreva CS3, developed with Utopia Digital Technologies, provides a surface designed to enhance the printing of polymer and plastic media on HP Indigo presses. The HP-certified coating is pre-applied to substrate and is said to produce consistent color development from sheet to sheet and lot to lot, excellent ink and coating adhesion, and superior functional performance. Coating is available on PVC and synthetic sheets.

Dot Gain Reduced With Doctor Blades

Doctor blades using the latest developments in advanced polymer technology are said to provide instant startup, enhanced print quality, longer blade life, and safety for operators. Self-lubricating blades reduce dot gain, allowing user to match customer requirements precisely in both water- and UV-based systems. This leads to less material waste and faster job changeovers.

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