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Strapping Tape Is Flexible

CHARLOTTE, NC | A tensilized PP (TPP) tape, designated 51010 High Load, is available from tesa tape. The highly tensilized PP strapping tape features a backing said to provide high strength, a sleek metallic appearance, durability, and flexibility that allows it to contour to almost any shape. Company says synthetic rubber adhesive system offers excellent adhesion to low-surface-energy substrates and removes cleanly from most surfaces.

Tape is described as an excellent alternative to filament tapes for securing pallets, bundling heavy goods, end tabbing coiled or rolled materials, and reinforced holding of volatile parts and components.

A “Super” Addition

KANSAS CITY, KS | RiteMade Paper says its new 800 fpm flexo press from International Converting Machinery (ICM) will enable it to produce custom-printed receipt tapes with virtually any design or repeat pattern at maximum operating speeds and increase printing capacity by 40%. This new “Super Press” was built to RiteMade's custom design specifications.

Steve Schwartz, president and CEO, says, “It's important that we continue to invest in the latest, most cost-efficient equipment so our customers have the tools to increase their business.”
ICM International Converting Machinery | 973-728-2600

Three's a Charm

NORWOOD, NJ | Norwood Printing has completed the installation of its third Edelmann web press. Norwood is the Package Insert & Outsert branch of Control Group, a specialist in printed packaging for pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetics, and consumer goods.

The Color Print V76, purchased to provide additional production capacity as well as replace a full-size sheet-fed machine, will be running lightweight pharmaceutical-grade paper to produce inserts and outserts. The press is specified with lap splicer, multiple offset print towers, a high-speed sheeter/stacker, and UV drying.

The web width is 30 in. and print repeats are available in the range of 20-48 in., which gives the press the capability to print and sheet 40 in. on pharma-type substrates.
Matik North America | www.matik.com

Shrink Labels Win

FARMINGDALE, NY |Seal-It, a div. of Printpack, was selected as a 2008 Golden Cylinder Award winner in the packaging category for its AgroLabs shrink labels. The award is given by the Gravure Assn. of America for the best examples of rotogravure printing for the year.

The label, made from Earthfirst PLA shrink film, is said to be the first commercially available, full-body shrink label made from PLA in the nutraceutical beverage category.

Reportedly, PLA was the substrate of choice primarily because AgroLabs was looking for more sustainable packaging alternatives for its club store customers. The labels are printed rotogravure in eight and nine colors.

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