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Foam Tape Suitable For Wound Care

WINDOR, CT | Scapa Medical has introduced Scapa 4005-800A, an extremely soft and conformable p-s polyurethane foam tape for direct skin applications, including wound care, consumer dressings, and medical device attachment. Consists of thin (0.43 mm) tan PU foam coated on one side with a high-tack medical-grade acrylic adhesive system. Tape is moisture vapor permeable to allow for optimal natural healing.

Partnership Will Drive RFID R&D

TAMPERE, FINLAND | UPM Raflatac and Blue Spark Technologies, Cleveland, OH, have formed a partnership to develop products and applications in the battery assisted passive (BAP) RFID market. The partnership was enabled with the launch of an EPC Gen2 BAP RFID chip, EM4324, from Swiss-based EM Microelectronic.

The new chip is capable of read ranges up to 154 ft (50 m) and features 1,024 bits of nonvolatile memory. Performance and durability will be provided by UPM Raflatac's tag and inlay design capabilities. Power will be supplied by Blue Spark's thin, flexible printed batteries.

Coating Line a Speedy Addition

Filderstadt, Germany | Herma, an adhesive label converter, has installed an in-line siliconizing and adhesive coating line from Polytype Converting. The line features a production speed of 1,100 mpm, a web width of 2,100 mm, a five-roll silicon coating head with a coating precision of ±1% in relation to the wet coat weight, adhesive curtain coating station with multilayer technology for variable coat weights, and a high-performance drying system.
Polytype Converting | www.polytype.com
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In-Mold Decorating Assn.,

Phoenix, AZ, announces winners of its Second Annual Awards Competition.

  • Best Part Design | Aspasie IML for Swatch Buttons

  • Best Thin Wall Packaging | North America IML Containers for Chapman's YogurtPlus

  • Best Injection Mold Part | Polisport for Dirt Bike Spoilers

  • Best Blow Mold Part | Viappinai Printing for Seven Powers Perfume bottle

  • Best IMD Durable Product | IGH Solutions for Nescafé Lenticular Cup

  • Best Label Design | Spies Kunststoffe GmbH for Mövenpick Schätze der Welt

  • Best Label Design, Honorable Mention | Ropak Packaging for Preen Garden Weed Preventer

  • Best Product Family | Smyth Companies/Technimark for P&G Olay Skin Care Products

  • Best Product Family, Honorable Mention | Gateway Plastics for Maxx Scoop Litter (7 kg)

Tag & Label Mfrs. Inst.,

Naperville, IL, announces eight members are winners in the World Label Assn. Awards Competition.

  • Label Technology | Columbus Salami Specialty Series label

  • McDowell Label & Screen Printing | Flameout Dietary Supplement label

  • G-3 Enterprises | Groth Oakville Cabernet Reserve

  • Collotype Labels | Wooden Valley and Blackstone Sonoma Reserve labels

  • York Label | Caress Exotic Oil Infusions label

  • National Label Co. | Dove Therapy Frizz Control label

  • A&M Label | Huggies Bath & Body Wash coupon

  • Label World | Parkside Smoked Cheddar Sesame Crisps label

  • Taylor Made Labels | Lumos Wine Co. 2007 Gewurztrammer label

Cost-Effective Inkjet

The Jetrion 4000 UV inkjet system reportedly offers label converters a cost-effective, full-color narrow web alternative to toner-based digital printers for runs to 50,000 labels. Offers speeds to 100 fpm at more than 1,000 dpi with greyscale technology and delivers high quality printing to 5.5 in. wide.
EFI | 650-357-3500 | www.efi.com
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Control Up to 12 Units

The Microcolor NW control solution features intuitive touchscreen operator controls. Manages inking from any press-side location and is compatible with all leading litho label printers. Allows precise color setting for up to 12 litho units, and ink profiles for thousands of jobs can be saved locally or over shopwide networks. Additional control stations can be added.
Graphics Microsystems/GMI | 408-731-2000 | www.gmicolor.com
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Print with No Cylinder Change

The Viva 340 variable-size, semi-rotary press for the production of p-s labels requires no cylinder changes. Intermittent-feed technology is said to provide a high level of productivity, reducing makeready, start-up times, and running waste. Company says exact and constant register ensures the highest quality print.
Codimag | +33 0 1 60 86 40 75 | www.codimag.fr
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Print Durable Labels

DPM Aply 1000 is designed for bubble-free brand ID labels and safety/hazard/instructional labels for outdoor power equipment and other durable goods applications. With an outdoor durability to 5 yrs, product has rigidity that makes application fast and easy and features a surface smoothness for optimum label graphics. Conformable for both flat and semi-compound-curved surfaces.
FLEXcon Co. | 508-885-8300 | www.flexcon.com
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Acrylates Need No Catalyst

Free radical curing silicone acrylates do not require a catalyst for UV curing as do cationically cured UV silicones; instead they use a free radical generator to begin the reaction. Curing mechanism is robust and is unaffected by impurities of the substrates. Acrylates allow an unlimited choice of silicone base papers and the use of alternative low-cost papers and all filmic substrates. Provides fast curing without post-curing, company says.
Evonik Industries | +49 201 177-01 | www.evonik.com
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