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User-Definable Printhead

The multi-option 760 printhead is based on company's patented multi-pulse greyscale technology. It is user-definable and delivers a choice of binary or dynamic variable drop sizes ranging from 8-40 pl. Each nozzle is controlled independently to create print said to have smooth gradation and tonal range.
Xaar Americas | 770-509-4888 | www.xaar.com
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Rotary Die-Cutting with Many Features

The Model RSM-IML/MX rotary die-cutting machine for IML products is said to be well suited for medium and small production runs. Available in working widths of 260, 330, and 410 mm, model features nearly all of the technologies in the high-capacity version, including a heavy-duty rotary die-cutting station, automated web guide, continuously monitored reinsertion, vacuum-controlled product flow, static neutralizer, and M-Stack delivery.
Schober | +49 0 7042-7900 | www.schober-gmbh.de
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Handle Waste in Several Ways

The Cuttopress central waste handling system is suited for all types of production waste, including adhesive materials. Chopped material is transported via ducting system into a baler, a briquetting press, or a stationary container press. Modular system can be extended, and company offers customized solutions.
Matho | +49 7961 93160 | www.matho.com
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Get No-Label Look

The Vivid prime films product line features high-clarity, clear films as well as white and clear fully squeezable films available in multiple liner choices designed for full-squeeze, semi-squeeze, and rigid containers. Line is versatile and reportedly is crystal clear for a no-label look.
MACtac | 800-255-9733 | www.mactac.com
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Efficient Inkjet Printing

The Omega 72i closes the gap between company's Omega 36 and 210 printers. Has a print width of 72 mm and operates with the next generation of LED UV-curing solution, the Smartcure 72i. With a maximum resolution of 360 x 360 dpi and a 60-mpm production speed, press is said to provide efficient and economical single-pass inkjet printing of primary and secondary packages, labels, tags, and other applications.
Atlantic Zeiser | +49 0 7465 291 136 | www.atlanticzeiser.com
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Finishing Machines Control Web

High-speed inspection, cutting, and rewinding finishing machines for the label industry feature servo drive technology (S-Drive) said to ensure 100% stable control of entire web. Multiple options in RSI line and smaller basic RSC models reportedly enable maximum web control for delicate films and foils. Modules include inspection, shear and razor slitting, die-cutting (with or without registration), sheeting, separate unwind, as well as laminating and printing.
RotoControl | 49 0 2402-86 54667 | www.rotocontrol.com
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Label System Is Modular

The DC330 label converter is a complete converting and finishing unit created for use with digital printing presses. Can be used in- or off-line and has a modular platform for flexibility. Offers print-to-cut registration in one rotation, with no station movement or mechanical setup required. Semi- and full-rotary die-cutting options. Adjustable repeat lengths are from 2-21 in., and speeds are to 45 mpm.
Grafisk Maskinfabrik | +45-45812300 | www.gm.dk
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Durable Blood Bag Substrates

Blood bag tracking label materials are for both secondary (single-ply) and DIN (Donor Identification Number) applications. Materials are printable by flexo and thermal transfer processes and are said to be extremely durable and resistant to moisture. Testing shows safety of materials.
3M | 800-422-8116 | www.3m.com
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Duct Tape Is Strong

Designed for industrial maintenance and general purpose use, 448 high-tack tape is said to be torn easily by hand and to offer excellent bond strength to substrates including poly films. PE-coated cloth, single coated with 5.5 mils of natural rubber adhesive, performs consistently over a range of temperatures without “edge ooze” and will not twist or curl during application, company reports.
Scapa North America | 860-228-8056 | www.scapana.com
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Many Processes in One Pass

The Digital Finishing System (DFS) allows users to laminate, die-cut, strip, and slit custom labels in one production pass. Said to offer on-demand converting capabilities, ease of use, accuracy, and versatility. Cutting technology is able to cut multiple depths within the same cut file, allowing for perforations or multilayer applications.
Allen Datagraph Systems | 800-258-6360 | www.allendatagraph.com
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A Guide to Laser Cutting

Laser cutting technical guide helps label converters select the types of components and features they need. Covers the choice of systems; quality and the soft marking standard; cutting speed versus web speed; systems integration; selecting system components; and suggested methods for sourcing.
Spartanics | 847-394-5700 | www.spartanics.com
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Treat Film with No Ozone

The ETI-CPO (Corona Plasma Optimum) treatment system for film is said to integrate itself perfectly into any of company's in-line presses. System functions inside a controlled inert gaseous atmosphere, which sends a corona discharge to the surface of the film, permitting the increase of energy to the surface and reportedly allowing for an excellent wettability and a superb adherence of glue, ink, or any other coating. System does not emit any harmful ozone and will cool the web before entering the rotary press so it does not affect the location or the tension.
ETI Converting | 450-641-7900 | www.eticonverting.com
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Print with No Treatment

Digital label press will print off-the-shelf substrates to 13 in. wide with no treatment or topcoating needed. Offers MicroPiezo ink jet technology and a seven-color, industrial-quality, water-based pigment ink set. Speeds are to 16 fpm at 720 × 720 dpi.
Epson | 800-873-7766 | www.epson.com
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Facestock Is Durable And Removable

Water-dissolvable facestock and adhesive construction incorporates a 40# supercalendered paper with company's WD-1 adhesive. Designed to provide the necessary performance and durability while in use and the ease of removal when products need to be washed and/or reused. Both paper and adhesive dissolve quickly and wash away easily in room-temperature water, company says.
3Sigma | 800-347-3091 | www.3sigma.cc
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