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IMDA Award Winners Break Out of the Mold

TEMPE, AZ | The In-Mold Decorating Assn. announced the winners of its third annual Awards Competition on October 28. A total of nine winners were selected from among 47 entries from 17 companies worldwide. Winners broke outside of typical applications for in-mold label technology to help raise the level of awareness and acceptance of in-mold decorated durable products and packaging by OEMs, end-users, and marketers.

Judges for the event were Clare Goldsberry, senior editor, Modern Plastics Intl.; Pete Dinger, American Chemistry Council (retired); and Yolanda Simonsis, associate publisher/editor, PFFC.

This year's concurrently run IMLCON09/IMDCON 09 conference and tabletop exhibition, held October 28-30, featured an overview of trends, opportunities, and challenges in the IML/IMD marketplace with focus on markets, technologies, products and services, and applications that are driving and supporting growth. For more information visit www.imdassociation.com.

Best IMD Durable Product was awarded to molder Polisport for a dirt bike front fender that simulates the look of brushed metal — without its weight — employing a PP substrate overmolded on the front half with the brushed metal-look PP.

Polisport snags a second award, this time for Best Injection Molded Part for dirt bike hand protectors. Using two-shot injection molding technology, these dirt bike hand protectors combine high-gloss and an in-mold decorated PP with a thermoplastic elastomer surround to protect hands in a crash. The molded components have a clean and sharp look clear of flash that promote safety.

Best Label Design goes to Smyth Companies for its Coca-Cola Bottle Cup. Cup molder Technimark approached Smyth to print an in-mold label for injection IML application. Utilizing a clear label stock, transparent non-printed areas cleverly allow soda in a filled cup to show through the traditional Coca-Cola silhouette shape.

Best Part Design is bestowed on Arta Plast AB for its Arboga 1-Seal KUPA liver paté. The container breaks from tradition by serving the gourmet treat in an upside down package so the bottom “lid” can function as a serving tray. The inverted, tub-shape top container allows the vacuum seal to be broken upon opening without damaging the interior meat product. All was accomplished by varying the sides' thickness, notching the bottom, and utilizing molded ridges for gripping the sides. The patented 1-Seal technology allows package sealing by using the in-mold label on the bottom tray as the sealing mechanism, thus eliminating an extra inner foil or membrane.

StackTeck deserves the Best Product Family award for its Wall-E movie theme cups and buckets. Srithai Superware Plc upgraded the conventional movie theme cups and buckets with an in-mold label solution to achieve a world class image. Combining the image, design of the cups and buckets, and the unique toppers make for a memorable limited souvenir that's claimed among the best promotional products in cinema industry.

Clorox Décor Series Disinfecting Wipes entry earns Union Street Brand Packaging the Best Thin Wall Packaging award. Consumer perception of disinfecting wipes is elevated with clean designed esthetics and easy dispensing. A variety of IML design patterns provides a full 360-degree wrap that complements any décor. A consistent profile from the canister side walls to the cover achieves a seamless look, while the dispensing lid integrates a living hinge that audibly snaps shut to maintain wipe moisture. Molder: Nypro.

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