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Labeled for Success

On October 20, members of the Tag & Label Mfrs. Inst. (TLMI) took a break from their annual meeting's presentations and events to recognize converters that have created the industry's most innovative and effective tags and labels. At a dinner reception held at the Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale, AZ, 32 companies were honored with 56 awards, including first and second places and Best of Show.

Here is a look at some of the night's top winners. For more information, visit www.tlmi.com.

Cool Decal Wins Best of Show Logmatix, Marietta, GA, takes home the Best of Show award for its decals for Red Rain energy drinks. The decals are intended for use inside drink cooler doors. They were entered in the Promotional category. The decals are flexo printed using anilox rolls from Harper Corp. of America, inks supplied by Water Ink Technologies, and tooling from RotoMetrics.

Vitamin A+

KimBells pack, Quezon City, Philippines, wins three first place awards this year. One of its top finishers is a vitamin bottle label for Cefaclor Xelent 105mL with Magic Flash, entered in the Multi-Process (Line & Screen/Tone-Prime) category. The label is printed with special security features to prevent counterfeiting. When tilted toward and away from the light, a detailed pattern appears on the bottle's label.

The pattern is printed with special silkscreen ink developed and supplied by Siegwerk. The label also includes a tiny tracer security logo with fonts so small they require a magnifying glass to read. A Gallus rotary letterpress is used to print and die-cut the label. Printed material then is transferred to a silkscreen unit to incorporate the “magic print.”

Fine as Wine

Collotype Labels Intl. Holdings Pty. Ltd. receives three first place awards for its innovative wine labels. One of these international entries is a label for dai gum san wine, entered in the Wine & Spirits-Offset (Line-Prime) category.

The label features five spot colors with a clear, high-build specialty gold silk screen. A polymer emboss is added to uncoated stock at approximately 98 fpm. Suppliers include Flint Group Narrow Web; Kodak; Avery Dennison, Fasson Roll North America; and RotoMetrics.

Get it Clear

Dow Industries, Wilmington, MA, earns one of two first place prizes for the label on clear containers of Gillette deodorant, entered in the Multi-Process (Line & Screen/Tone-Prime) category. The printed label uses a combination of hot foil stamping, HD UV flexo, and rotary screen printing.

The labels are printed on 2-ml clear polypropylene supplied by Avery Dennison, Fasson Roll North America, using transparent inks by Fujifilm Sericol. Additional suppliers include DuPont Cyrel (plates), Harper Corp. of America (anilox rolls), and RotoMetrics (dies).

Orange You Impressed?

Label Technology Inc., Merced, CA, snags two first place awards, including one for its Earth & Vine Blood Orange beverage label. The label was submitted in the Flexography (Line & Screen/ Tone-Prime) category. Although the design appears simple, it requires very tight trapping, precise impression settings, and challenging color matching to achieve its elegance.

The labels are flexo printed on a Mark Andy press using water-based inks. Suppliers include RotoMetrics, DuPont, and 3M.

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True Blue

CL&D Digital, Hartland, WI, takes a first place win for prototype bags for Blue Diamond Almonds: Lime 'n Chili in the Digital Printing (Food/Beverage Product) category. The bags were created as last-minute prototypes for a sales meeting that left only a two-to-three-day time period for completion. The film was reverse printed, laminated, and cured for 24 hr, all in time to make the meeting. Only two bags were produced.

CL&D Digital used a four-color process with two bumps of white as the fifth and sixth colors. HP Indigo supplied the inks and press, and MACtac supplied the 370-ga MET substrate.

A Sunny Glow

McDowell Label & Screen Printing, Plano, TX, earns eight awards, including five first place and three second place wins. One first place entry is for use on the Hemp2 indoor tanning lotion bottle, entered in the Multi-Process (Color Process-Prime) category.

McDowell manages to combine multiple vignette transitions with a special glitter raised varnish to create this eye-catching label, which is printed using a high definition (HD) ultraviolet (UV) flexographic/rotary screen printing. Ritrama provides the substrate, and Water Ink Technologies supplies the ink.

Tea Time

Multi-Color Corp., Sharonville, OH, collects two first place wins, including one for its label for Tradewinds Lemon Tea. This entry was submitted under the Roll to Roll (Line & Screen/Tone-Prime) category. The label was created for the launch of Tradewinds 64-oz versions of its best-selling single-serve flavored teas.

Multi-Color Corp. faced many challenges in creating this label that uses a UV flexo process, including droplets made of vignettes, metallic gold requests, and realistic photographic images. The company utilizes flexo digital platemaking to allow for superior vignettes in the smaller droplets, which fade to zero with no harsh line. The label mimics the cold sweat of the smaller single-serve offerings.

Decision Makers

Here are the judges for the 2009 Awards Competition.

  • Steve Lee, RotoMetrics
  • John Coleman, Nilpeter USA
  • Jim Flynn, Gallus Inc.
  • Ray Mackura, Avery Dennison, Fasson Roll North America
  • Mike Buystedt, Flint Group Narrow Web
  • Dr. J. Page Crouch, Clemson Univ.
  • Gary Gordon, Comco Products Div.
  • Robert J. Smithson, Trinity Graphics USA, Inc.
  • Paul Teachout, Harper Corp. of America

Additional First Place Winners

  • Amherst Label Inc. | Proud to Be an American Direct Mail
  • ASL Group-All Stick Label Ltd. | Print Me Cover
  • Collotype Labels Intl. Holdings | Robert Oatley
  • Collotype Labels Intl. Holdings | Sip It Forward
  • Collotype Labels USA Inc. | B Side Wine Label
  • Collotype Labels USA Inc. | Zinopolis Wine Label
  • Consolidated Label Co. | Organica Product ID
  • Dow Industries | Dart Case Label
  • Germark S.A. | Oil Espal Safety Seal Label
  • Hub Labels Inc. | Marvel Bottle Stickers
  • KimBells pack inc. | Fern-Chidden Label
  • KimBells pack inc. | Royalè L-GlutaPOWER Whitening Soap
  • Label Technology Inc. | Juicy Couture Body Bronzer
  • Labelgraphics (Glasgow) | Angostura Carribean Rum
  • Labelgraphics (Glasgow) | Greenall's Gin Bottle Label
  • McDowell Label & Screen Printing | 2007 Montepulciano Wine Label
  • McDowell Label & Screen Printing | Barrel Proof Whiskey
  • McDowell Label & Screen Printing | Fahrenheit Bottle Wrap
  • McDowell Label & Screen Printing | Soquel Sangiovese
  • Multi-Color Corp. | Gain Soothing Sensations
  • Pilot Italia S.P.A. | Grappa 5 Anni Bottle Decoration
  • Prestige Label, Atlantic Corp. | Multi BabyLove Gift Set
  • Spear | Bud Light Beer Bottle
  • TAPP Technologies | Beringer Third Century Chardonnay
  • TAPP Technologies | Newfoundlander's Rum
  • Taylor Made Labels | Daedalus Cellars Syrah 2006 Wine
  • The Label Makers Ltd. | Davenport Fox's Nob Beer
  • Valley Forge Tape & Label Co. Inc. | One-A-Day Energy Advantage20 Neck Hanger Promotion
  • Whitlam Label Co. | 111th Congress Visitor Pass/Access Badge

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