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Controller Has 60 Settings

The MP2000 single-loop viscosity controller has 60 settings to accommodate solvent- or water-based products and level control. Provides field-selectable on/off or proportion control and password-protected programming and is offered with or without pH control. Features a simple user interface and can be recalibrated while operating. Offering two-way mixing to thin, thicken, or add amine, product has RS485 communications.
Norcross Corp. | 617-969-7020 | www.viscosity.com

Digital Inspection Is Reliable

All-digital web inspection system is said to include higher-image resolution resulting in better image quality and color fidelity. Company says DVI (Digital Vision Interface) LCD display monitors, coupled with digital technology, offer improved resolution and crisp, clear images that help find difficult print defects as well as other more common defects. Said to operate with ease, reliability, and improved inspection accuracy.
TruColor Vision Systems | 800-277-8287 | www.tcvs.com

Better Roller Control

Diamond Hydrodamp compound was developed and designed exclusively for printing press dampening rollers. Suited for web- or sheet-fed applications, product is said to be more water-receptive and less ink-receptive than other compounds, allowing for better water control with less feedback and reduced ink piling. Withstands plasticizer extraction.
Pamarco Global Graphics |972-484-6808 | www.pamarcoglobal.com

Monitor and Collect Data

Model TR-71W and TR-72W thermo recorders and data loggers incorporate an integrated Ethernet/LAN interface for monitoring both temperature and humidity. Capabilities allow for quick and easy collection of recorded data and monitoring of current conditions.
TandD Corp. | 518-669-9227 | www.tandd.com

Mount Plates Hands-Free

Flexico V5 plate-mounting technology features hands-free operation and a rise-and-fall plate bed. Said to offer significant advances in shorter makeready time, less risk of stretch damage, and greater ease of operation. Adjusts for a variety of cylinder sizes.
Tectonics Intl. |330-564-4000 | www.doylesystems.com

Quick, Safe Maintenance

The SLD Series switch locking device enables personnel to lock an interlock switch to a safe position quickly, allowing for certain types of maintenance. Series is intended for use as an alternative control method while performing tasks that are routine, repetitive, or integral to the production process as provided for by standard ANSI/ASSE Z244.1-2003 section 5.4. Construction and design are robust, company says.
Omron Scientific Technologies | 800-479-3658 | www.sti.com

Air Knife Is Quiet, Precise

The 48-in. Super Air Knife for blowoff, drying, and cooling applications provides wide surface coverage, offering an efficient way to clean webs or conveyors. Sound level is very quiet, company says, and knife directs compressed airflow to a precise, slotted orifice. Creates a uniform sheet of air across entire length that immediately pulls in surrounding room air. Air amplification ratios of 40:1 are produced. Air savings is 63% compared to typical blowoffs, company adds.
Exair Corp. | 800-903-9247 | www.exair.com

Apply Glue with Control

The GAPR04+ glue applicator has a separate control station that enables operator to control and monitor all relevant gluing functions directly at the applicator. Reportedly, features result in savings on glue costs, improved quality, and shorter curing times.
Asitrade | +41 32 644 25 31 | www.bobstgroup.com

Proofer Supports Spot Colors

The FlexoProof 04 supports all standard spot color systems and manages up to 64 separations in one image, with no limit on the total number of separations in one print job. Spot colors are held in a database. System allows users to implement manual adjustments to the location of colors, their gradation, and overprinting behavior.
GMG Americas | 781-740-4077 | www.gmgcolor.com

Lidding Product Line Is Extensive

Company has added a portfolio of new paper- and film-faced lidding products to its FlexPak line. Products include those for tubular f/f machines and intended for “stick” applications such as powdered drink mix packets, plus a variety of single- and multi-ply snack web products designed for snack and baked good packaging and ice cream novelties. A FlexPak Matrix features more than 25 flexible packaging products and gives exterior, barrier, and sealant layer comparisons, with packaging application recommendations.
Fasson Roll North American Div. of Avery Dennison Corp. | 800-944-8511 | www.na.fasson.com

Compensate In Real Time

The RPS-412A ultrasonic sensor with a 0-10V analog output incorporates a real-time temperature compensation scheme that monitors and compensates for air temperature 50x/sec. Sensor also compensates for changes in RH, barometric pressure, and other factors that influence the speed of sound. Achieves an accuracy of +0.002 in.
Migatron Corp. | 815-338-5800 | www.migatron.com

Clean Substrates Quickly

The Fast Pad automatic cleaning station uses sheeted adhesive rolls and is said to be easy to use and cost-effective. Uses company's range of cleaning engines that are capable of removing dry, unattached particles down to 1 micron in size from a wide range of substrates. Reportedly, process time to clean a substrate can be reduced by up to 50% and the number of repetitive actions required to use roller is reduced.
Teknek | +44 (0) 141 568 8100 | www.teknek.com

Achieve High Thermal Efficiency

The Cleanswitch regenerative thermal oxidizer has a thermal efficiency rating of 97%. Features a proprietary burner management system and heat transfer media that combine to reduce natural gas consumption by at least 40%. With reduced energy usage and high VOC destruction rates, company says estimated ROI will average less than 1 yr. Available in sizes ranging from 20,000-60,000 scfm.
MEGTEC | 800-558-2884 | www.megtec.com

Inspect with More Power

The LOL-20 IV for full-web 100% inspection combines the benefits of six different LOL-Style-III models into one. Power output is doubled and reportedly provides even illumination of entire web to 1.2 m wide — without hot spots — for fine, detailed inspection. Offers automatic line speed tracking.
Unilux | 800-522-0801 | www.unilux.com

Clean with High Energy

The SteriPulse-XL Surface Sanitization System employs pulsed UV light to kill DNA and prevent microorganisms from replicating on virtually any surface or package. Featuring high peak energy lamps, the nontoxic, in-line system typically generates less than 100 deg F heat to prevent damage to plastic surfaces.
Xenon Corp. | 800-936-6695 | www.xenoncorp.com

Anilox Roll Offers Precision

The EZ-Clean Diamond ceramic laser-engraved anilox roll features an anti-plug ingredient said to resist plugging and enable exceptional ink release. Suitable for all ink and coating systems, product has a proprietary ceramic coating and grinds to TIR and taper tolerances to 0.0005 in. Result is exceptional precision, company reports.
ARC Intl. | 800-526-4569 | www.arcinternational.com

Get High Level of Filtration

The Fount-N-Kleer XL filtration system uses a patented side-stream technology said to provide a level of filtration and filter life unattainable by filters that use circulator pumps due to a high-pressure, high-flow pump that recalculates the fountain solution through two stages of filtration, independent of the circulator pump. This leads to increased productivity, reduced costs, and cleaner systems, company says.
Procam Controls | 972-422-1212 | www.procamcontrols.com

Slitter for Simple And Advanced Processes

The ILS ReadyFit slitter is designed to be added to any web-based converting operation quickly and easily. System is offered in web widths from 5-120 in. and runs at speeds to 2,000 fpm. Said to be effective in the most basic web-driven score cutting as well as the most advanced, external drive shear cutting processes. Comes with optional razor cut units or used with standard knife holders and blades.
Converter Accessory Corp. | 800-433-2413 | www.handleyourweb.com

Protect Medical Products

Polymer-coated nonwoven fabrics provide barrier reinforcement for medical products such as surgical and isolation gowns, drapes, blankets, cold packs, and disposables. Fabrics are said to be impermeable to blood, fluids, and most chemicals and can be made to exhibit specific performance characteristics such as softness, durability, heat retention, and sterilizability. Supplied as roll goods to 90 in. wide.
Jen-Coat | 413-562-2315 | www.jencoat.com

Inspect and Raise Accuracy

In dual-pass mode, bi-directional inspection machine reverses the web to the operator correction position when faults are detected. The web is then re-inspected to ensure the necessary corrections have been performed. When entire web is verified to be 100% correct, machine enters a uni-directional mode to perform the finishing functions of slitting/rewinding. This nonstop pass is said to improve slitting accuracy and entire rewind roll tension consistency.
Rotoflex Intl. | 905-670-8700 | www.rotoflex.com

Keep Rollers Turning

Jemm-Trac T traction tape is a covering used on idler rolls to keep rollers turning. Can be used on coaters, laminators, flexo presses, as well as blown film lines. Offers good release and temperature properties, says company, and often is used in oven exit idler positions. Also has been used to eliminate scratches caused by hard or marked rollers and is said to be especially effective for light tension applications. Soft, proprietary elastomeric material has an adhesive backing for easy installation.
Jemmco | 262-512-9559 | www.jemmco.com

Detect and Classify Defects

The Flawscan system for high-speed detection of surface defects now has smart classification software that can distinguish among defects that may look similar but have different origins and consequences. Classifier can analyze more than 70 features for each defect and correlate it automatically to the most similar category. Said to provide accurate, real-time alarms and reliable statistical data on the process, assisting in its optimization and enabling complete line automation.
i2S Linescan | 203-876-9549 | www.i2s-linescan.com

Film Repels Graffiti

Anti-graffiti film repels graffiti markings made with inks or paints and can be wiped clean with a solvent-based cleaner with no staining or ghosting. Film is offered in widths to 82 in. in a variety of film thicknesses.
MPI Technologies | 888-674-8088 | www.mpirelease.com

100% Inspection Guaranteed

The CHECKwinder, used at the final stages of the print process, can pick up intricate and complex defects at a higher rate than the human eye, company reports. CHECKproof compares digital artwork with the first pulls of finished print job and can check for errors down to 0.1 mm in under 60 sec at 600 dpi. Computer algorithms guarantee 100% inspection of a moving web.
Surfscan Technologies | +44 (0) 2920794986 | www.surfscantech.com

Spectrometer Is Accurate

The F10-AR spectrometer combines accurate reflectance measurement with affordability, says company. Features an automatic baseline procedure and the ability to set integration time automatically, reportedly simplifying operator training and saving time. Users can overlay multiple spectra and configure alarms for differences in optical coatings among samples, all on one screen.
Filmetrics | 858-573-9300 | www.filmetrics.com

Pump Two Colors to Two Different Decks

Quick Change peristaltic ink pumps allow operators to change out pump heads and hose in seconds without tools. Pump combines two removable heads powered by a single motor. Allows user to pump two colors to two different decks, pump same color to two different decks, or pump ink up and pull back down from a single deck. Speed and motor direction control box on the dual head can be mounted in an operator-friendly location.
Graymills Corp. | 773-477-4100 | www.graymills.com

Primer Has Good Resistance

Aquaforte 108W general-purpose aqueous primer is for extrusion coating LDPE to polyester or aluminum foil. Excellent grease and oil resistance is said to make it suitable for snack packaging and labeling applications. Also possesses excellent moisture resistance. Performs well on cello, cellulose acetate, biax-nylon, and other substrates to improve adhesion of LDPE or Surlyn extrudate. Because it offers improved bonds of various inks to foil, it can be employed effectively in these applications as an ink primer.
Aqua Based Technologies | 201-767-6040 | www.aquabased.com

Clean Anilox Rolls Safely

The Max Clean Anilox Ink Cleaner Formula removes UV and water-based inks through direct application to the roll. Provides original volume restoration and optimizes engraved cell depth of rollers by simply wiping on and off without the use of brushes. Safe on all ceramic and chrome rollers and is nonhazardous to bodily contact.
Max Daetwyler Corp. | 704-875-1200 | www.daetwylerusa.com

Inspect Small To Large

The Scan-TVS fully automated scanner-based proofreading solution inspects very small to large-format packaging components in seconds. Will inspect films, cromalins, labels, cartons, and more. Corrects folds and creases in the package automatically to ensure accurate error detection every time. Can detect all changes including color, barcodes, registration errors, as well as missing or added elements.
Global Vision | 514-624-4422 | www.globalvisioninc.com

Drives Use Q Language

STAC6-Q stepper drives utilizing Q programming language now are available with current output from 0.5-3.2 A with 220 VAC input. Provide software-selectable resolutions from 200-51,200 steps/rev at speeds to 50 rps. Q programming environment provides options for downloading, storing, and executing multiple programs with a single drive.
Applied Motion Products | 800-525-1609 | www.applied-motion.com

Create Air Usage Profile

Air Demand Analysis audit uses state-of-the-art data loggers and precision sensors to create a detailed air usage profile for each facility. The audit monitors and charts air flow, power consumption, and system pressures during normal operating hours over a period of ten days. Company says most equipment can be installed quickly and easily without interrupting daily plant operations. Audit is available for both large and small systems.
Kaeser Compressors | 800-777-7873 | www.kaeser.comPFFC-ASAP 430

See Process Variables Clearly

The TCS (1/16 DIN) and TCE (⅛ DIN) controllers feature a three-color operating display on operator interface that provides a clear indication of process variables and fully configurable scrolling text for indication of what is happening in the process. Interface is fully customizable, enabling any parameter to be promoted for immediate operator access.
Dynisco | 508-541-9450 | www.dynisco.comPFFC-ASAP 431

Sleeve Aids Flexo Printing

High-performance thermopolymer sleeve is designed to maximize seamless high quality flexo printing. A compressible layer between sleeve and thermopolymer layer provides benefits of traditional cushion stickyback mounting tapes. Surplus impression is absorbed by compressible layer, which eliminates or minimizes the excess surface load of the rotating print and impression cylinders.
Mastergraphics | 330-631-0300 | www.mastergraphics.org

Inspect without Affecting Winding

The Premier-SD 20/20 combines the servo-drive Premier-SD finishing machine with patented Shuttle Retrieval System, which provides the ability to inspect the web and then retrieve errors for correction without reversing the unwind roll or affecting rewind roll tension, slitting, or count.
Arpeco | 905-812-5150 | www.arpeco.com

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