Proofing Paper Is “Green”

Company offers Validation SG3 premium inkjet contract proofing paper designed specifically for SWOP-grade 3 proofing. Paper base is said to make it more environmentally friendly than grades produced using petroleum products. It is 100% compatible with all inkjet proofing systems and is recyclable and bio-degradable.

Chromaticity | 616-361-7773 | www.chromaticity.com
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Test Tear with Ease

The ME Series of Elmendorf advanced mechanical tear testers features four models for measuring tear resistance of film, paper, sheet, laminated materials, and converted products. Said to be cost-effective and simple to use, testers have multiple pendulum capacities, integral cutting knife options, sample grip configurations, calibration accessories for in-house calibration checks, and sample data sheets for computerized tabulation of tear resistance data that conforms to ASTM reporting requirements.

Oakland Instrument Corp. | 952-835-4935 | www.oaklandinstrument.com
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Bagmaker Provides Excellent Stacks

The HK-65V side-weld automatic bagmaker operates at 360 shots/min and can deliver finished bags to 500 mm wide. Features a three-servo drive system that controls the film's feed drive, heat sealer vertical drive, and catching drive. Onboard AC servo catching unit is said to provide outstanding bag stacking while onboard AC servo motor controls the vertical movement of heat sealers, allowing sealing times to be set freely.

Totani America | 920-593-8700 | www.totaniamerica.com
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Test Solar Cells

The Oriel Sol3A solar simulator is part of a line of photovoltaic test and measurement solutions for solar cells. Large-area, constant-wave source uses a xenon lamp and features a proven, proprietary filter to meet all three Class A performance parameters without compromising the 1 sun output power.

Newport Corp. | 800-222-6440 | www.newport.com
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Load Cell Has USB

The LTH300 Donut/Thru hole load cell with USB Output option eliminates the need for an analog amplifier, power supply, and display equipment. Plug-and-play design offers the power to monitor the output of the sensor and enjoy measurement with no concerns about noise, temperature variation, or power supply requirement. Software allows output monitoring in real time. Said to have high-capacity range relevant to the load cell's miniature size and to offer high accuracy and stiffness.

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology | 949-465-0900 | www.futek.com
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Primer for Digital Printing

DigiPrime environmentally friendly digital printing primer designed for use with HP Indigo presses is said to enhance the quality of ink transfer, ink adhesion, and rub resistance on paper, film, and foil substrates. Water-based formulation has low VOCs and low odor. It is nonflammable and can be applied using traditional coating equipment, including flexo, gravure, rod, or roll systems. Long shelf life reduces environmental and financial waste.

Michelman | 800-333-1723 | www.michelman.com
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Inks for Laminating

IroFlex solvent-based flexo lamination ink prints on a wide range of substrates with no primer required. Suited for both adhesive and extrusion laminations, inks are said to have low solvent retention, offer consistent printability over long runs, and provide high color strength.

Toyo Ink Mfg. America | 201-937-7424 | www.tima.toyoink.com
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Refurbish Rolls To Save Money

Company offers a refurbishing service for users of the Tension Roll transducer. This alternative to the full-price replacement of such rolls is said to provide a “like new” product, typically in one to two days for about 50% of the cost of a new unit.

Dover Flexo Electronics | 603-332-6150 | www.dfe.com
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Compact Bagmaker Saves Space

The Model 1270GBM Global Bag Machine incorporates patented high-speed rotary sealing technology and Allen-Bradley controls. Features a durable, robust design; compact footprint saves on space and energy usage. Machine is said to provide a simplified web path for easy film threadup and improved process control. Company says model handles a broad range of film gauges and blends, offers efficient production speeds to 600 fpm, and is ideal for a variety of bag applications.

CMD | 800-626-0210 | www.cmd-corp.com
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Vacuum Press in Small Sizes

Company is offering tabletop versions of its vacuum press. The HGP 110 measures 18 × 22 in., and the HGP 220 measures 26 × 38 in. Both fit easily fit on a table.

Drytac | 800-280-6013 | www.drytac.com
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PET Films Suited For Laminating

A new line of 48-ga (12-micron) brushed metallized PET films has a chemically treated print surface said to be excellent for laminating to paper and board. The company says the thinner films will have the same high quality finish as the 92-ga (23-micron) but will improve economies due to yield and will be available in larger rolls that require less changeovers.

Brushfoil | 203-453-7403 | www.brushfoil.com
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Primer Has Cost Benefits

Aquaforte 108-W water-based primer is non-yellowing and offers high bond strengths with small application levels, reportedly making it cost-effective. Also said to provide excellent resistance to water, oil, and grease. Compatible with a wide range of substrates. Can be stored for up to 3 mos with no blocking or reduction in bond strengths.

Aqua Based Technologies | 201-767-6040 | www.aquabased.com
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Polyester Is Kosher

Questar polyester, which can be used for food packaging, has been certified kosher by the EarthKosher Certification Agency. The film is said to be recyclable and can be printed, coated, laminated, or metallized.

Filmquest Group | 630-226-9800 | www.petfilm.com
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Calibration Consultation Offered

Company offers no-charge consultations on custom point calibrations best-matched to application requirements to converters using data loggers or chart recorders for environmental monitoring. These calibrations are specific points selected for calibration to ensure a data logger or chart recorder is operating correctly in the operating range where it is typically used.

Dickson Co. | 800-757-3747 | www.dicksondata.com
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Slit New Coated Cigarette Papers

The rapid d1 slitter/rewinder has been adapted to handle the modified texture of new cigarette papers that are treated to prevent a cigarette from smoldering after the smoker stops drawing on it for a certain time. Company says due to the treatment, the paper loses some of its rigidity, making cutting and winding the rolls to be handled on the cigarette machine more difficult than it is with standard paper.

Goebel | 860-232-2323 | www.matik.com
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Bag Machine Adds Efficiency

The Model 4180S bottom seal bag machine offers servo controls for accurate and repeatable in- or out-of-line conversion of tubing or sheeting. It can produce a wide variety of bottom seal or side seal consumer and industrial bags including trash, produce, garment, and merchandise bags either stacked or on a roll. All parameters are stored in recipes for quick and easy setup, minimizing downtime and maximizing the speed and efficiency of the line.

Gloucester Engineering | 978-281-1800 | www.gloucesterengineering.com
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Clean Anilox Rolls

Anilox cleaning starter kit is said to allow users to maximize print quality and minimize press downtime. User also can inspect anilox rolls quickly for plugged cells and worn surfaces, reduce ink consumption, and gently clean ink residue from hands.

Flexo Concepts | 888-782-5233 | www.flexoconcepts.com
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UV Cure for Speed

The UltraLight advanced UV system for curing inks, adhesives, and coatings offers 400 W/in. of UV power for efficiency and speed, reports company. Controls are said to be versatile and easy to use, and long-life, high-output lamp is accessible easily.

Systematic Automation | 860-677-6400 | www.systauto.com
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Analyze Oxygen Optically

The OpTech-O2 platinum oxygen analyzer uses optical fluorescence technology. The system's use of platinum fluorescent material, coupled with state-of-the-art electronics, provides significant advantages over other O2 technologies, company says. Fluorescence can be read optically, reportedly making it ideal for analysis of nondestructive permeation, headspace, dissolved oxygen, and leak determination.

Mocon | 763-493-7231 | www.mocon.com
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Aid to Platemaking

Foil-based nyloflex Seal F digital photopolymer coating plate based on polyester foil for digital imaging is for in- and off-line print finishing. Said to offer improved quality of the finishing due to sharper reverses and more open intermediate depths, especially benefiting spot coating applications with negative elements. Reportedly, platemaking is easy, and the coating plate has high dimensional stability.

Flint Group | 800-795-2273 | www.flintgrp.com
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New Traction Tapes

Company offers three new traction tapes: tesa 4563 is a smooth silicone-coated roller wrap that grips the web as it passes over rollers to keep them turning; JemmSil 421 is an economic alternative to tesa 4563, with traction capabilities and high release properties; and CT1125 is a silicone-impregnated fabric tape that offers a high COF.

Jemmco | 262-512-9559 | www.jemmco.com
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Dispense Hot Melt Cleanly

The MF Series Integrated Filter Hot Melt Dispensing Guns feature an integrated filter for what is called superior adhesive filtration, resulting in cleaner application with less chance of nozzle clogging and char buildup. Guns are air opened/spring closed, capable of operating to 2,400 cycles/min, and offer 100% compatibility to market standards.

Valco Melton | 513-874-6550 | www.valcomelton.com
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Apply Foil on Press

Press allows refractive stamping for applying foil. A refractive foil stamped image is created with a specialty engraved brass die. Very thin lines are etched in the engraving to demonstrate texture and detail in the foil stamped object. Company says press allows the creation of detail in the image without embossing the paper, and thin refractive lines can create the illusion of movement in the image that cannot be done with other foil stamping methods. Said to be an inexpensive alternative to creating a custom hologram.

Brandtjen & Kluge | 800-826-7320 | www.kluge.biz
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Analyze WVTR with Advanced Features

The 7000 Series water vapor transmission analyzer is a modular system said to offer precise, accurate, repeatable performance. Combines flexibility with effortless operation, company says, and provides advanced features for precise humidity and temperature control. Conforms to international testing standards.

Illinois Instruments | 815-344-6212 | www.illinoisinstruments.com
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Replace Damaged Rolls

Company says damaged or problem rolls can be repaired rather than replaced, adding refurbished rolls cost less than new rolls and require shorter lead times. Repair services include total journal replacement, welding, or sleeving damaged journals, bearing replacement and rebalancing rolls for higher speeds. Surface treatments include custom platings, coatings, and coverings. Company can refurbish rolls weighing to 10 tons with diameters to 62 in. and overall length to 520 in.

PFE Rolls | 978-544-7803 | www.pferolls.com
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