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Inspect Web for Quality

EasyInspect 100% web inspection system detects defects and irregularities in film, optical film, paper, foil, nonwovens, and laminated and coated products. System consists of CCD line cameras or laser scanners with wide range of resolutions and LED illumination units with customizable wavelengths and high light intensity. Visit Booth 807.

▶Schenk Vision LLC | 651-730-4090 | www.drschenk.com
Circle 400 or visit www.freeproductinfo.net/pff

Web Cleaner Has Increased Capacity

Four Roll Web Cleaner has been modified to offer high speed and increased capacity. Incorporates larger contact cleaning rolls and tape rolls, which allow for intense cleaning capacity. Web widths can range from 2-60 in. and run speeds to 1,200 fpm. Pneumatic cylinders separate the rolls when the machine stops for easy access. Visit booth 1101.

▶Polymag Tek | 800-787-0830 | www.polymagtek.com
Circle 401 or visit www.freeproductinfo.net/pff

New Technology in Coating & Winding

Simultaneous multilayer curtain coating systems and the latest technology in in-line coating heads will be displayed. Applications include solvent, solventless, water-based, hot melt, extrusion, and UV- and EB-curable products at production speeds from 1-1,200 mpm. New winding systems will be introduced. Visit booth 517.

▶Polytype America Corp. | 201-995-1000 | www.polytype.com
Circle 402 or visit www.freeproductinfo.net/pff

Get Core Traction

DuraCores plastic cores now are available with “Grip Strips.” These textured optional strips run the length of the core to provide an extra level of traction to grab onto difficult materials.

▶Available Plastics | 800-633-7212 | www.apiplastics.com
Circle 403 or visit www.freeproductinfo.net/pff

Idler Bearings Stand High Temps

Custom designed low-friction idler bearings are engineered for low tension, fast-moving lines, even at elevated temperatures. Design enhances free-running capabilities to ensure minimal idler induced tension. Bearings are protected from contaminants by a noncontact shield said to eliminate the unnecessary friction common with contact seals. Visit booth 131.

▶Webex | 920-729-6666 | www.webexinc.com
Circle 404 or visit www.freeproductinfo.net/pff

Ball Bearings Offered

Extended line of LBT Mini Full Ceramic bearings features sizes ranging from as small as 3 mm in addition to flanged sizes. LBT Mini Full Ceramic bearings are suitable for use in many specialty applications. Company claims ceramic is the perfect material for any application seeking to achieve higher RPMs, reduce overall weight, or for harsh environments with high temperatures and corrosive substances. Visit booth 1100.

▶Boca Bearing Co. | 800-332-3256 | www.bocabearings.com
Circle 405 or visit www.freeproductinfo.net/pff

Measure Moisture

The PSC Profile Display System is designed to measure moisture continuously on a moving web while producing a cross-web profile in real time. Can be configured to create a cross-web profile of up to three parameters; produce a live rolling average up to ten scans; and create up to 50 individual zone averages. Visit booth 738.

▶Process Sensors Corp. | 508-473-9901 | www.processsensors.com
Circle 406 or visit www.freeproductinfo.net/pff

Advanced Inspection

The NxtGen inspection system offers the technical confluence of laser scanners, vision, retro-reflection, divergent, and telecentric optical systems with advances in hardware and software development. Said to offer high resolution at a low cost. Features a self-aligning optical system and superior detection even for defects much smaller than the optical pixel. Visit booth 539.

▶Dark Field Technologies | 203-298-0731 | www.darkfield.com
Circle 407 or visit www.freeproductinfo.net/pff

Coating System Has Two Pressure Chambers

The AGS 2500 S “System BASF” pressurized chamber system consists of two independently working pressurized chambers supplied by independent liquid conveying systems. One pump supplies the so-called barrier chamber with coating liquid, avoiding any air entrainment and providing an extraordinary brilliant coating transparency. The coating thickness is only controlled by the dosing pump and not influenced by barrier chamber conditions. Visit booth 517.

▶Pagendarm BTT GmbH | +49 40 89096 0 | www.pagendarm.com
Circle 408 or visit www.freeproductinfo.net/pff

Gravure Ink Is Flexible

AquaEcol water-based gravure lamination ink is suited for applications from conventional to high-temperature retort. Prints on a wide range of substrates with consistency and high color strength, company says. Visit booth 430.

▶Toyo Ink Mfg. America | 201-937-7424 | www.tima.toyoink.com
Circle 409 or visit www.freeproductinfo.net/pff

Slitter Cuts Setup Time

The CW600 slitter is a 63-in.-wide machine with four rewind diameter options: 10, 16, 24, and 32 in. Full setup and changeover take less than 5 min. Machine has the latest dual-direction, pneumatic differential shafts for both 3- and 6-in. cores. Has both razor and shear slitting, auto edge guide, laser core and knife positioning, automatic tension control, layon rolls, and the latest SSD digital AC drives. Visit booth 112.

▶Elite Cameron | +44 0 1823 366221 | www.elitecameron.com
Circle 410 or visit www.freeproductinfo.net/pff

Sensors Reduce Scrap

The 710S Series of sensors for continuous web processes is said to achieve complete integration with company's TDi (Total Distributed Intelligence) system family. High-speed digital signal processor results in enhanced measurement performance, the ability to handle more IR wavelengths, and support for additional measurement outputs. Benefits are said to include reduced material usage and improved product quality. Visit booth 545.

▶NDC Infrared Engineering | 626-939-3856 | www.ndcinfrared.com
Circle 411 or visit www.freeproductinfo.net/pff

Die Gives Better Properties

Microlayer technology enables extrusion processors and converters to achieve increases in impact strength, elongation, oxygen and moisture barrier, and other properties, company says. Flat die system called a “layer multiplier” transforms a typical sandwich structure from a standard coextrusion feedblock into a structure in which one or more of the layers has been subdivided into multiple microlayers. Visit booth 144.

▶Extrusion Dies Industries | 715-726-1201 | www.extrusiondies.com
Circle 412 or visit www.freeproductinfo.net/pff

Pouchmaker Is Versatile

The CT-60D pouchmaker produces small to large format stand-up pouches from one web. Press-to-close zipper capability is standard. Slider zipper is an option, as is running two-up, three-side, press-to-close zipper pouches and quad-seal side-gusseted bagmaking. Four-servo motor control system provides high speed stand-up or flat pouchmaking at speeds to 200 cpm. Visit booth 1025.

▶Totani America | 920-593-8700 | www.totaniamerica.com
Circle 413 or visit www.freeproductinfo.net/pff

Slit Many Materials

The LS-6200 heavy-duty lathe slitter allows user to slit automatically a variety of materials on rolls with an outside diameter to 20 in. Knife carriage movement is powered by a servo-driven linear actuator with a second linear actuator controlling automatic knife angling. A servomotor-powered precision lead screw is said to provide precise cutting tolerances. Visit booth 137.

▶Lever Mfg. Corp. | 201-684-4430 | www.levercorp.com
Circle 414 or visit www.freeproductinfo.net/pff

Measure Stress

The redesigned YR-1 rheometer measures yield stress in fluids and semi-solids. Said to be a low-cost alternative to full-featured lab rheometers, unit can be used on production floor for rapid QC testing with excellent repeatability. EZ-Yield software allows simple data collection on a PC. Visit booth 801.

▶Brookfield Engineering | 800-628-8139 | www.brookfieldengineering.com
Circle 415 or visit www.freeproductinfo.net/pff

Protect Brands

The Imprint Track & Trace Solution is a scalable production-floor suite of hardware and software that protects brands from product recalls, counterfeiting, and diversion. CodeMaster software generates unique codes, printed on packaging by company's variable data marking and coding equipment, that maintain transaction data about products as they progress through the supply chain. System has no cost-per-code charges or upfront license fees. Visit booth 1117.

▶Videojet Technologies | 800-843-3610 |www.videojet.com
Circle 416 or visit www.freeproductinfo.

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