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Flexible Die-Cutting at Lower Cost

The Eagle 360 flexible plate rotary die-cutting system provides cost reductions to 50% compared to solid dies. Replacement plates are approximately 20% of solid dies. Web widths available to 60 in. and repeats to 68 in. Feature proprietary edge-finishing technology said to ensure cutting blade uniformity. Cut, crease, and emboss with crush cut or RP-cut formats.
Eagle Rotary Systems | 517-783-2500 | www.eaglerotary.com
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Protect Cores

Wood core plugs can provide solid core protection and added holding power from the natural textured wood for the largest and heaviest rolls, company says. High quality molded chipwood, plywood, and particleboard core plugs are strong enough to stand up under the weight of large rolls. Plugs are available in a large range of sizes and hole diameters.
Badger Plug | 920-757-7300 | www.badgerplug.com
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Print Cylinders Decrease Bounce

Lightweight, precision-balanced carbon fiber flexo print cylinders are said to decrease bounce between the print cylinder and impression drum so presses can run at higher critical speeds. Company's in-house composite tube winding operation provides high quality tubes engineered to the specific print cylinder application. Cylinders also are said to offer an ergonomic solution.
NimCor | 888-464-6267 | www.nimcor.com
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Green Cleaning

ReNew Green is designed to improve anilox performance and simplify anilox and general surface cleaning for flexographic and sheet-fed offset printers. Said to remove water-based inks and coatings effectively. Product is biodegradable, solvent-free, and contains no VOCs. A buffering solution is added for safety and performance, enabling it to outperform caustic cleaners yet remain safe to handle and noncorrosive to metal surfaces.
Flexo Concepts | 508-830-9506 | www.flexoconcepts.com
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Features for Wide-Format Estimating

Wide-format estimating solution allows users to employ their standards automatically. Features include printing from rolls and sheet stock with a single selection, and another feature automatically optimizes the number of units printable on a specified roll width or sheet size. New high-speed V8 is fully compatible with XP and previous Windows programs.
Estimator Corp. | 203-682 6436 | www.estimatorcorp.com
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Change Surface Chemistry

The Calvasol System from the Kalwar Group features an aerosol misting device that works in conjunction with corona treatment to allow customers to change easily the surface chemistry of film at a nano level. Said to remove static, prime the surface for UV substrates, provide long-term adhesive qualities, and eliminate fogging.
Lectro Engineering | 314-567-3100 | www.lectrotreat.com
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New Tension Controller Version

A Panel Mount version of the WebHandler 3 Automatic tension controller is available. Panel Mount option is said to install quickly and easily onto OEM machinery or as a retrofit on an existing machine. Controller can be set up and calibrated directly through a simple touchpad interface or accessed remotely.
Dover Flexo Electronics | 603-332-6150 | www.dfe.com
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Test Oxygen in Many Packages

The PermMate system tests the oxygen permeability of an almost unlimited number of packages more or less simultaneously. The system is controlled via a PC software package said to make it easy to use. It is able to determine the volume of the packages to be tested.
PBI-Dansensor America | 201-251-6490 | www.pbi-dansensor.us
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Monitor Many Webs

The Sentinel Splice (Joint) Detection Technology is designed to monitor 1-16 webs of material and detect any splice or joint within the web-based process. Unaffected by printed surfaces, material color, grade changes, and process speeds, the unit guarantees 100% reliable detection. Can be mounted anywhere along the web at any angle and can be connected directly to PLC control devices or interfaced into existing marking systems.
Splice Detection Technologies | 315-455-6636 | www.splicedetector.net
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Ink Gives Mirror Effect

Xymara Quicksilver SF-02 ready-to-use ink is said to provide top quality silver mirror effect, adhesion, and print performance on plastics, and to improve processing efficiency and minimize waste. Company says this flatbed screen printing ink is suitable for a wide variety of plastic substrates and provides an economic printing alternative to foil blocking and film metallization.
Ciba | +41 61 636 44 44 | www.ciba.com
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Die-Cut at High Speeds

The Dymatrix 145 CSB large-format die-cutter features a high-performance, nonstop sheet feeder. An electronically controlled braking brush in the delivery section permits higher production speeds and makes sure that the blanks are deposited in perfect alignment, company says. Said to be highly automated for user-friendliness, unit features generously sized window openings to facilitate operation; job changeovers are quick and easy; and makeready for repeat orders is facilitated.
Heidelberg USA | 888-472-9655 | www.us.heidelberg.com
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Upgrading Extrusion

The MGF gravimetric device for feeding colorants and additives into plastics processing machines includes multilingual operator access and full data retrieval as standard features for all extrusion applications. A new “extrusion following” option automatically anticipates and adjusts for gross variations in extruder rate such as those during changes of film rolls.
Maguire | 610-459-4300 | www.maguire.com
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Coating Has High Hot Tack

Michem Flex HS-100 self-priming heat seal coating can be applied directly to a wide variety of stock and untreated films using only corona, plasma, or flame pretreatment. Features a very low seal initiation temperature and a broad heat seal temperature range with high hot tack throughout the range. Product can seal to itself from a low temperature of 60 deg C all the way to above the melting point of PP.
Michelman | 800-333-1723 | www.michelman.com
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Plates Aid Quality

MVP and digital MVP photopolymer, medium-durometer printing plates are said to have exceptional resilience, allowing faster press speeds and reduced bounce, and resulting in overall higher quality print and increased productivity. Plates work well with a variety of substrates and inks and are available in thicknesses from 0.045-0.112 in. in format sizes to 52 × 80 in.
MacDermid Printing Solutions | 800-348-7201 | www.macdermid.com
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Software Aids Production

The ExtruWiz software program calculates costs of multilayer structures and enables 33 fast calculations of different plastics extrusion and flexible packaging equations on Windows and Macintosh platforms. Calculations include weight, yield, price per area, production rate, roll diameter, etc. A complete troubleshooting chart for extrusion is included with a database of more than 1,100 definitions of plastics and flexible packaging related terms.
SoftCalc | 305-871-2247 | www.extruwiz.com
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Guide Wide Webs

All-air CD Series web guides are custom engineered to meet web handling demands of wider webs and higher web tensions. Featuring heavy-duty welded steel construction, guides employ a robust pivoting web guide assembly with dual cam-follower bearing assemblies said to ensure smooth, dependable steering action. High-performance aluminum idlers handle web widths from 30-130 in. Additional idlers can be specified.
Coast Controls | 800-513-2345 | www.coastcontrols.com
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Dynamic Viscometer

The Falling Ball viscometer provides dynamic viscosity measurement of transparent Newtonian fluids. Suited for quality control and can be used with company's circulating bath for rapid sample temperature control said to provide more accurate and repeatable results.
Brookfield Engineering | 800-628-8139 | www.brookfieldengineering.com
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Treat Surface for Less

Aldyne surface treatment system is said to combine the ease of use and reliability of corona technology while matching the productive efficiency of expensive surface coating processes at a fraction of the running costs. Also offers sustainability benefits. Based on an atmospheric pressure plasma discharge in a carefully controlled gas atmosphere, the process reportedly adds high, long-lasting adhesion properties to polymer foils.
3DT LLC | 262-253-6700 | www.3dtllc.com
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Proof Reliably

The ColorProof revised version of company's proofing software ensures maximum production reliability and provides cost-saving opportunities. Every job is displayed in the user interface, providing immediate verification if an image is missing or an existing image needs to be rotated, resized, or positioned differently on the print form.
GMG Americas | 781-740-4077 | www.gmgcolor.com
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Neutralize Static at Long Range

The Ion Power HL-Type static neutralization system is designed for long-range static neutralization in hazardous locations while integrating with existing industrial networks to bring real-time information to the operator's fingertips. Neutralizers can effectively control static charges over a range of 8 in. at web speeds of more than 2,000 fpm.
MKS ION Industrial | 888-310-3334 | www.mksinst.com
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Get Precise Temperature Control

Thermal-Flo heat transfer rolls are engineered for precise temperature control and are available in versions to 65 in. dia and 450 in. long. Single- and double-shell rolls, including corona treatment roll designs, are available for a wide range of applications with various surface coatings and coverings, including chrome, ceramic, and rubber.
PFE Rolls | 978-544-7803 | www.pferolls.com
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Set Impression Offline

The smartGPS Beta version uses new technology for registration and impression setting. It works off-line at the plate-mounting stage while reportedly adding almost no additional time to that process. Company says the technology reduces wasted material, time, and labor.
Fischer & Krecke | 973-882-9460 | www.bobstgroup.com/fischer-krecke
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Stacker Is Ergonomic

Power Stak Lite stackers have a lifting height of 62 in. and a capacity of 1,500 lb. Ergonomic features include narrow mast design and an offset control handle to provide clear views with no blind spots. Handle puts all controls within easy reach. Auto-reversing belly switch protects operators from potential injury when walking unit backward, and automatic brake halts travel when reversed.
Presto Lifts | 508-222-0177 | www.prestolifts.com
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Air Knife Good For Tough Jobs

The Type 316 stainless steel super air knife for blowoff, drying, and cooling applications is suited for highly corrosive environments and high-temperature applications. High-volume, high-velocity airstream blocks harmful vapors and fumes. Withstands temperatures to 800 deg F and can be mounted in tight places end to end without dead spots.
Exair Corp. | 800-903-9247 | www.exair.com
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Lasers Have Power

Two Q-switched diode-pumped solid state lasers, the HIIPO 1064-27 and the Explorer 532-2, reportedly deliver up to twice the average power for more than 50% higher watts-per-dollar compared to previous versions. Both feature short pulse width to minimize heat-affected zones, reduce kerf height, and recast material. Said to exhibit excellent beam quality for narrow scribe line widths and increased depth of focus.
Newport Corp. | 650-961-2550 | www.newport.com
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Big Features for Small Extruders

The EM-3c Extrusion Control System is designed for small extruders but has the features of the EM-3 and EM-3c PC-based Extrusion Control System. Operator interface can be used for only extruder temperature and pressure control or for complete line control. Company says installation costs are reduced due to the system's preconfigured screens.
Eurotherm | 703-443-0000 | www.eurotherm.com
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Calculate Benefits of Trim Handler

An ROI calculator automatically reveals the cost savings and overall financial returns realized by installing the company's automated trim handling and reprocessing systems. Calculator considers dozens of input parameters to compare a facility's current operating conditions to the streamlined conditions that follow trim system installation. Calculated in terms of labor, time, productivity, and product quality are the cost impact of slitter or extruder downtime, raw material and reclaim waste, waste hauling and disposal, and other variables common to manual handling.
Precision AirConvey | 302-999-8000 | www.precisionairconvey.com
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Reliable Winding

Surface winding systems, including the Mark II, Mark III, and Mark IV, are said to improve performance and reliability in paper and nonwovens industry applications. Improved Positran transfer system gives the ability to continuously wind during automatic cutover at full line speeds. Systems are available for roll widths to 276 in. and speeds to 3,000 fpm. They support core sizes to 12 in. and roll diameters to 60 in.
Parkinson Technologies | 401-762-2100 | www.parkinsontechnologies.com
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Convert Prepreg

Users of prepreg and laminate systems for the circuit board industry now can convert material on the MSS sheeter. Handles resins systems as light as 0.002 in. thick and delivers lengths 20-115 in. Available in widths to 57 in., sheeter is outfitted with a slitter rig and can produce finished custom sizes in multiple piles. Has automatic squaring feature; electronic sheet length control maintains ±0.015-in. accuracy; and size changes require less than 2 min.
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co. | 401-596-0162 | www.maxsonautomatic.com
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Test Headspace Quickly

The PAC Check Model 450 EC benchtop oxygen headspace analyzer is designed as a cost-effective option for companies that previously could not afford package headspace analysis. A simplified menu structure lets users go from setup to test in less than 1 min. Measures oxygen concentration range from 0%-100% in package types ranging from small blisters to large pouches. Allows both automatic and manual gas sampling.
Mocon | 763-493-7231 | www.mocon.com
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Clean Treater Windows

Jemmclean GC glass cleaner is a biodegradable, ammonia-free glass and plastic cleaner intended to clean the monitors on the control cabinet display screens and the windows of the corona treater stations. Said to provide a streak-free shine without fogging. Biodegradable cleaner is well suited for helping cut grease buildups.
Jemmco | 262-512-9559 | www.jemmco.com
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Lamination Adhesive Resists Water

AquaMulti-Lam 2710 water-based product is used as an adhesive for wet lamination. Said to handle various combinations of films and foil to paper, as well as paper to paper, for many end-use applications. Reportedly exhibits high water-resistance properties and provides bonds that maintain full integrity even after 2 wks of submersion in water.
Aqua Based Technologies | 201-767-6040 | www.aquabased.com
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Mark Splices, Flaws

Bright orange vinyl strips, the size of a bandage, call attention to splices and flaws on roll products. Strips come with a release glue liner that can be slapped quickly to the edge of a roll, marking a splice or flaw and leaving its tail flagging on the outside as an alert. Reportedly, strips will not shift or tear, staying on the job until they are removed.
Roll-Aids | 630-766-0355
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Dispense Accurately

Model 455 pneumatically operated, two-way pinch dispensing valve features micrometer control over the flow rate, ensuring materials are dispensed repeatedly and accurately. Features enable users to obtain millions of cycles from a single piece of tubing. Valve can be used as a dispense valve or as an in-line, two-way (on-off) valve with adjustable flow.
Tridak | 860-626-6700 | www.tridak.com
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PLC Interface Saves Money

Touchscreen PLC-based interface for company's Compak 9000 power generator is said to save users time and money with installation while providing advanced corona treating process control. Standard preprogrammed options include watt density control, proportional speed control, station diagnostics, and extensive fault logging.
Enercon Industries Corp. | 262-255-6070 | www.enerconind.com
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