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Pouch Machine Saves Scrap

The 750 servo pouch machine uses a single web of film to produce two-up, stand-up resealable pouches. Uses less scrap than multiple web machines, company says, and produces greater production efficiency with faster changeover and excellent print registration. Same model also can produce side gusset, bottom seal pouches. Allows custom configuration of a wide variety of applications.

Brakes for Higher Torque

Global Brakes are available in sizes to deliver more than 250 lb-ft of torque, allowing the performance advantages of the Magnetic Particle Brake to be utilized in higher-torque requirements. Benefits are said to include no dust, smooth stops and starts, and little or no maintenance. Company says brakes deliver smooth controllable torque, torque repeatability, and torque independent of speed.

Press Saves Energy

The FX press features a repeat range to 42 in. and speeds to 1,312 fpm, all in a quick-change format. Company says the built-in washup system makes cleanup simple and straightforward, and the press is energy-efficient, reducing utilities required while boosting performance with an innovative design.

Check Web Temps On Corrugator

The Web-Temp is designed to monitor web temperatures on a corrugator. Includes two heavy-duty IR temperature sensors and a NEMA 12-display enclosure that is 6 × 9 × 3 in. and has touchscreen controls and alarm lights. Produces a continuous digital display of web temperature with Hi-Lo alarms. Signals are said to adapt to automatic controls and trend graphs easily.

Web Guide Package Offered

The GuidePak web guide actuator package includes the FMS-winderGLIDE Type D.3 actuator; BKS309 controller; ultrasonic sensor; and cable package. Suited for new applications or retrofits, package is said to be flexible and easy to operate.

Measure in Many Applications

The SmartFrame measurement gauge offers built-in controls and uses company's multi-sensor head with the capability to plug in up to five sensor types. With a broad range of applications, gauge can be equipped with a beta sensor for thickness or basis weight measurement. Features company's GaugeView software platform.

Measure with High Performance

The DFI Beta Sensor, part of company's QMS-12 Web Gauging System Platform, uses a sensing technique said to allow complete insensitivity to web flutter throughout the entire measurement gap. Offers what is reported to be the smallest beta sources and the highest measurement performance, as well as fast scanning speeds with ultra-narrow web defect detection. Said to provide long-term, trouble free, cost-effective operation in even harsh environments.

Share Defect Data

Enterprise Data Mining Software complements company's Inspection Systems. System integrates with Crystal Reports for custom statistical reporting. The defect data can be shared from individual machines at multiple sites. Said to offer the user fast, quantified, accurate information and to replace time-consuming and costly manual data analysis.

Plate Provides Quality Printing

AWP DEF photopolymer plate technology produces a solid water-washable plate. Said to provide high quality printing; well-balanced reproduction of large tonal areas, fine text, and halftone elements; compatibility with UV ink, solvent-based ink, and water-based ink; and easy plate cleaning.

Inkjet Printer Has Reliable Printhead

The InteliJet ti1 high-resolution inkjet printer is said to offer an affordable, compact, and efficient design coupled with reliable HP printhead technology. Print resolution is 300 dpi at production line speeds to 200 fpm. Company says it is simple to add on printheads.

Laminator Is Modular

The PAK 610 wax hot melt laminator and coater has a modular design so every detail can be adjusted to the customer's demands. Machine is designed for web widths from 600-1,300 mm and production speeds to 300 mpm. Features shaftless roll handling and automatic flying splice for nonstop operation.

Thermometer Has Precision Optics

The CM compact, integrated IR noncontact thermometer is for continuous temperature monitoring in a wide range of processes. Includes precision, high-resolution silicon optics for excellent optical resolution. Remote configuration capability allows it to be configured for virtually any application, reportedly reducing installation and troubleshooting time and streamlining data acquisition.

Laser Advantages

The LaserSharp Processing Module LPM-100GT is a roll-to-roll laser system that processes both easy-open, breathable packaging and anti-counterfeit features in flexible films. Offers the advantages of localized laser processing as well as patterned micro-perforation, cross-web, and down-web contour processing.

Make Oxidizer More Efficient

Air pollution control equipment features poppet valves that divert high-volume process air into and out of the oxidizer, properly balance VOC loading, maintain destruction efficiency, and optimize heat recovery. Benefits are said to be energy efficiency, dependability, ease of maintenance, and simple replacement.

Sense Moisture In Wax Coating

The IR 3000 moisture sensor reportedly is well suited to measure the amount of wax coating being applied to a corrugated product to improve product quality and reduce wax consumption. Said to lower energy costs and reduce start-up times. Offers 100% product inspection.

Get Precise Temperature Control

The 2700 Royal Series TCU is said to provide accurate temperature control. Water tempering unit is designed for precise temperature control to 180 deg F for processes that have pressure limitations such as CI drums on flexo presses. Standard features include a simplified piping design utilizing a flange-mounted pump and easy-access removable top and side panels.

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