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Upgraded UV System

C3 is a new reflector design for company's UV curing systems. Based on retractable cassette system, which is easily removed from the dryer housing, this third-generation reflector cartridge was developed as a replacement to the existing XC “extreme cure” reflector system used on the VCP and eCP product platforms. Product offers key design improvements and delivers a fully focused UV output to maximize the UV energy input into the ink.

Move Large Loads

XTRUE True Planetary gearheads are engineered to move large loads easily and quietly through improved load capacity and lower backlash. Said to deliver precise, 13 arc-mins operation with torque capacity to 876 Nm and ratio availability of 3:1 through 100:1. Company says the mounting system results in greater machine uptime.

Sheet with Precision

The MSS sheeter is said to improve productivity on p-s label stock and other laminates. Geared to run at maximum speed of 300 fpm. Designed for fast and easy size changes, sheeter is said to reduce downtime associated with setup to 50%. Will slit precisely and sheet to an accuracy of +0.015 in. Available in trim widths to 64 in. with a cut-off range of 11-55 in. long.

Get Brilliance with Coating

MiraFoil coatings are described as a recyclable, UV-curable alternative to foil board laminating and hot foil stamping that equals foil in brilliance. Can be applied to precise areas, reducing waste and saving time and energy through process efficiencies. Foil-on-demand capability reduces converting steps. Said to provide excellent press stability and easy application.

Get Many Marking Capabilities

Company reports improvements to its Series of 975 flat product printer/debossers. Series is designed to accommodate a wide range of flat products in thicknesses from 0.075-0.187 in. and on flat dimensions from 1-13 in. wide × 1.5-14 in. long. Units offer a wide range of marking capabilities including debossing, hot roller coding, flexo plate printing, or inkjet coding.

Dry, Cool in Wide Area

The single air nozzle Super Blast Safety Air Gun delivers 23 lb of blowing force and is said to be well suited for long-distance, wide-area blowoff, drying, and cooling applications. Incorporates a large Super Air Nozzle engineered to maximize entrained airflow and force while reducing compressed air use and noise.

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‘Green’ Film Offered

Laser Point II thermal ablative film is called a “greener” alternative to silver halide film used to image negatives and positives for conventional flexo printing plates or rotary screen. Reportedly, the new version provides higher post-ablative background clarity; faster UV exposure through the film to the printing plate; improved abrasion resistance; and increased ablation speeds on many different platemaker models.

Gauge at Lower Cost

The 8110-F single-point gauging system has all the capabilities of company's TDi (Total Distributed Intelligence) but reportedly at a lower cost. TDi is said to allow every component in the system to operate with sophisticated simplicity, providing high reliability and accuracy. The TDi architecture is seamlessly upgradable to company's more complex systems with greater functionality.

EB System Uses Less Energy

New EZCure EB is designed on a green platform to reduce operating costs and improve sustainability quotient of EB technology. New nitrogen distribution system reduces the amount of nitrogen consumption required to cure EB inks and coatings by 30%. Redesigned high voltage power system works with an integrated electron Selfshield, resulting in use of fewer kilowatt hours than other comparable systems. Physical footprint is 25% smaller, making retrofits less expensive.

Manage Business with Software

The PS-Quote suite of software tools for the flexible packaging industry allows users to cost and quote products from extrusion through to printing, laminating, and converting. Users can construct custom or stock product specifications, including raw materials, run and scrap rates, and labor and overhead costs. Capable of costing film substrates with up to ten-layer blends. Maintains all quote history and enables user to recall them quickly.

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Print on Foil

The 706 Hi-Print UV press with Inline Foiler Prindor automatically adjusts for substrates ranging from 0.04-mm thin paper to 1-mm cardboard. Can print on top of foil in any color and has the ability to do it in-line as part of one process.

Measure in Many Places

Coaxial cylinder RS portable rheometer can operate in the lab, the production floor, or in the field. Capable of viscosity, yield stress, and creep measurements, unit features a heavy-duty lab stand and rugged design.

Clean “Green”

The Auto Wash HF high flash point automatic blanket and roller wash contains a blend of chemicals that cleans ink and paper contamination from blankets, rollers, plates, and other press parts. Said to be an effective, environmentally friendly press wash with a flash point of 146 deg F. Product contains no SARA Title III, Section 313 reportable chemicals or hazardous air pollutants and is compatible with the latest digital plates.

Proof UV Inks

The Paste Ink Proofer (PIP) incorporates a miniaturized UV curing system that enables users to obtain fast, repeatable color matching of UV litho, UV web offset, and other paste inks. Automatic ink metering eliminates the need to weigh or measure ink samples. It is possible to proof two inks simultaneously.

Sleeve Inserts Save Time

STAR (Sleeve Technology Advanced Rotation) bearer-based sleeve inserts can be used in the second generation of the shaftless Color Print V Series presses from Edelmann. Reportedly, technology provides a solution that accepts the plate and blanket sleeves in an offset insert, allowing any size of print format to be changed quickly and inexpensively. Also accepts flexo, gravure, silkscreen, and adhesive inserts. Carbon fiber sleeves have precision internal bearers fitted to provide a stable image carrier. Drying options include EB, UV, hot air, and IR.

Make Bags in Small Space

The Model 1270GDS global drawtape bagmaking system offers production speeds to 600 fpm and flexible take-off options for rolled or folded bag dispensing. Features optional print-to-seal registration for the high-speed production of printed bags or film. Has a small footprint to save floor space and is said to be reliable as well as safe and easy to operate.

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PSA Is Green

Oribain acrylic PSA is a toluene-free product that does not release dioxins or endocrine disrupters into the atmosphere. Said to deliver high performance for low-surface-energy films, high yield ratio, good anchorage to many substrates, and stable peel strength even after long aging periods.

Cure with High Intensity, Low Cost

The BlueWave 75 high-power spot lamp is designed for curing UV and visible light-curable adhesives, coatings, and encapsulants. Reportedly offers low operating costs with high-intensity output and transmits less energy onto the substrates, resulting in cooler cures.

Drives Easy To Maintain

Model RS linear drives are available with five linear pitch settings and adjustable axial thrust. Drives, which are available in seven sizes for shaft diameters measuring 10-60 mm, have zero backlash and require little maintenance.

Control UV Curing Process

The Prime UV Smart 2100 Control Platform features active monitoring of system integrity; auto reporting of maintenance schedules; and auto alert of scheduled preventive maintenance and UV bulb replacement. On screen “Help” files include troubleshooting guide and schematics.

Adhesive Offers Balance

Aqua Tack 1125 water-based adhesive is said to provide a high balance of peel and shear. Because it can be used at film thicknesses of 0.0005-0.001 in., or 8-16 lb/ream, company says net effect is lower energy usage and overall reduced processing costs.

Treatment for Sheet Feeders

The PolySheet treater automated pretreatment solution integrated sheet feeding, treating, and stacking solution provides sheet-fed printers with in-house ability to treat and print on a wide variety of nonporous polymer-based materials and synthetic papers. Said to offer increased productivity and reduced waste.

Renewable Bioplastic Biodegrades

Mirel performance bioplastic materials, made from renewable resource, plant-derived sugar, are claimed durable in use but will biodegrade at the end of their useful life. Despite having the physical properties of petroleum-based resins, biobased bioplastic is biodegradable when disposed in natural soil and water environments, home composting systems, and industrial composting facilities but will not biodegrade in conventional landfills. Rate and extent of biodegradability is said to depend on the size and shape of comprised articles. Suitable for applications such as cast and blown film, cast sheet, and thermoforming. Development grades include nonwoven, fibers, foam, and more. Reportedly can replace many conventional plastics using existing standard conversion equipment and infrastructure.

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Add Foil In-Line

COT Series is formulated for offset printing processes using cold foil transfer in-line to replace the need for off-line hot foil process. Available in silver, gold shades, and holographic patterns, series is formulated for through-cure wet lamination systems. Reportedly can be flexo, screen, and offset overprinted by both UV and conventional inks and lacquers.

Slit/Rewind Materials Economically

The Dusenbery Genesis 700 center driven duplex slitter/rewinder offers high performance in a compact package that saves factory floor space. Features an integral unwind, pull roll and slitting section, duplex cantilevered rewind mandrels, and a single point utility connection. Short web path provides improved rewind roll quality. The advanced digitally integrated control system has a PLC and touchscreen operator interface, two-motor vector drive, smart pneumatic system, and remote diagnostics. Can be configured for razor or shear slitting. Unwind has maximum core length of 62 in. and maximum diameter of 40 in. Rewind has maximum diameter of 30 in. and minimum slit width of 2 in. Maximum machine speed is 1,500 fpm.

Deep Clean Rollers

The Safe & Easy Miracle Blue roller wash meets or exceeds EPA regulatory requirements and reportedly deep cleans rollers more thoroughly than solvent-type products. This high-performance, non-hazardous, deep cleaning concentrate is said to extend rubber roller life significantly. Eliminates the need for deglazers, rejuvenators, pomades, and other viscous cleaners, and special ventilation systems and storage areas are not necessary.

Calibrate with Ease

Prinect Color Toolbox v3.5 offers the Gray Balance Optimizer calibration tool, said to be a simple, user-friendly way to accomplish near neutral calibrations. Optimizer also can be used for creating reference values for specific substrates, inks, or printing processes. Software uses industry standard color management targets, requires no special charts, and eliminates the need to print TVI (dot gain) scales to perform calibrations.

Sustainable Coating

Nanolo PT ADV-7 water-based coating formulation is said to provide a more sustainable, cost-effective option for transparent, high-oxygen and/or moisture barrier food packaging. By reducing the amount of barrier material needed and using only non-hazardous materials, technology enables food companies to produce long shelf life products with reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact. Transparent coatings can be applied using commercial roll coating equipment. Coatings do not contain halogens, VOCs, or other hazardous materials and comply with food contact regs in the US and Europe.

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Load Cells Are Tough

The U-120 Series load cell for large-scale operations is made of stainless steel and features housing that is resistant to water and corrosion. Available in three sizes with load ratings ranging from 100-22,000 lb. Load cells are manufactured to customer's applications and use tension and compression strain gauges.

Analyze Packaging

SavvyPack Packaging Analysis System is used to conduct economic analysis and/or cradle-to-grave life cycle analysis of packaging. Pre-researched public data is said to save users valuable time and money.

Shopping Bags Are Strong

The cb*starKON conversion line is for the automatic production of shopping bags from woven plastic fabric. The bag is made of a compound of PP fabric and a reverse-printed BOPP film. Said to produce bags with high visual appeal and a high degree of strength and stiffness, while minimizing weight. Bags feature side gussets and a block bottom and are glued with hot melt.

Drive Option for Trim Removal

Company now offers a variable speed drive (VSD) option with all models of its FOX TrimAway pneumatic trim removal systems. Option includes built-in soft starting to accelerate the blower motor in a smooth linear fashion, allowing customers to optimize the energy efficiency trim removal systems and save energy dollars. Maintenance costs are reduced and lifetime of system blowers extended, company adds.

Cushions for Corrugated

Company has expanded its product line of E/bak cushions with E/bak SF 0.120 in. in a 44-in. width for use on smaller machines. Said to be an economically priced mounting solution for corrugated post-print applications, cushion can help increase productivity and reduce production costs. Company says cushion is easy to handle and resilient, providing quality print results with high solid ink density and lower dot gain.

Core Cutter Is Programmable

The P510 programmable core cutter provides automated core feeding and advanced programmable control for enhanced cut-to-length performance and integrated automation options. Allows user to produce any quantity of precision cores cut to multiple lengths in a single run or one custom length. Company says servo-driven ball-screw drive advances the core with perfect speed and control as dictated by the controller, eliminating the need to manually load the core onto the cutter, saving time and reducing labor costs.

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