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Flexco Installation Tool Aids Material Handling


DOWNERS GROVE, IL | Flexco offers the Alligator Staple Gold Class Plus installation tool. Designed for quicker and easier installation of Alligator Ready Set Staple fasteners, the tool combines the initial drive and final set into one base and is said to simplify the process of switching plate sizes and make installation and virtually error proof. Tool can be used by any converter of paper, film, foil, paperboard, or nonwovens who use belt conveyors in their material handling process.

The quick-change comb design allows users to change between fastener sizes in seconds, as opposed to minutes. The tool is compatible with the Alligator Gold Class power driver, which reportedly simplifies installation with effortless trigger pulls to drive the staples and provide proper compression, while keeping the fastener loops protected to ensure smooth hinge pin insertion.

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