GMG Proofing Solution Makes Predicting Easy


TUEBINGEN, GERMANY | GMG has unveiled OpenColor, its new proofing solution for the packaging market. Reportedly, the product is said to create predictable proofs of offset, flexo, and gravure prints. The technology comes from the company’s ability to allow for color-accurate reproductions of print processes that use spot colors and multicolor separations with more than the traditional four process colors (CMYK).

Said to offer an extremely accurate prediction of overprints, OpenColor creates high-quality multicolor profiles simulating the printing behavior of diverse printing technologies, media types, and screenings.

Company’s software products such as ColorProof can access OpenColor via a direct connection and request a multicolor profile, which is then calculated dynamically by OpenColor on the basis of spectral data. OpenColor does most of the work automatically. There are different versions tailored to fit different printing technologies and customer requirements.

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