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Flexo Concepts Draws Attention at drupa


PLYMOUTH, MA | Flexo Concepts reports its QuikWash system drew a lot of attention at drupa 2012 from distributors around the world wanting to represent the product.

By combining a special clamp with the company's TruPoint DeltaFlex plastic wash-up blade, the system reportedly cuts wash-up times in half by maintaining a fine contact area with the roller for more effective washups. The result is said to be an increase in press uptime and a reduction in solvent consumption, helping printers meet growing pressure to shrink their carbon footprint. DeltaFlex is compatible with UV solvents and resistant to aggressive press wash, company adds, making it a good solution for printers who have experienced blade swelling due to chemical incompatibility.

While Flexo Concepts had previously gone to market with QuikWash in limited geographic locations, the company used drupa as the official launch site to introduce its exclusive technology to a global audience.

"We are very happy with our results from the show," says Chris Nolin, VP of sales at Flexo Concepts. "Our objective was to grow our reseller base for QuikWash, and there was a great amount of interest from people all around the world interested in selling the product.”

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