Kodak Ink for Security Uses Is Honored


ROCHESTER, NY | Printing Industries of America (PIA) recently presented Kodak with a 2012 InterTech Technology Award honoring the innovative capabilities of Kodak’s NEXPRESS Red Fluorescing Dry Ink. Reportedly, the ink, which is part of the KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions portfolio, helps printers provide increased security and fraud protection on packaging, documents, promotional, and direct mail materials.

“Security solutions can often be cost-prohibitive,” says Mark Bohen, VP of Technology and Research at PIA, “but with Kodak’s Red Fluorescing Dry Ink, printers have a real solution against counterfeiting that is both cost effective and easy to implement. This new technology can be used on a wide range of applications and opens the door for printers to pursue new market opportunities.”

The ink can be used to print inline on a wide range of substrates and appears clear until it is illuminated with an ultraviolet light source. The intensity of the red ink can be controlled by the amount of ink applied during the printing process, but it appears virtually invisible to the naked eye. The ink does not contain VOCs.

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