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C&J Forms and Label Upgrades to EFI Monarch Business Management Software

FOSTER CITY, CA | EFI reports that C&J Forms and Label Inc., a long run offset and flexo printer based in Fort Smith, AR, has selected EFI Monarch MIS as its business management software solution. C & J was previously an EFI Hagen Print Management System customer and enjoyed success with the system and a great relationship with the EFI employees. “The people at EFI were so knowledgeable and helpful. If we ever had questions about the system, they were always there, ready to work us through them,” says J.C. Calvert, president of C&J Forms and Label.

However, C&J was aware that EFI’s Hagen PMS product was being transitioned into a legacy system and would be succeeded by the EFI Monarch Suite, and the company decided to part ways and search out a new provider. They settled for non-EFI MIS software, and Calvert says that company’s service, support, and system capabilities were nowhere near what he was used to with EFI. Recounting the attempt to work with a company outside of EFI, Calvert says, “It was the worst experience we have ever had.”

It was not difficult for Calvert to decide what to do next. “We had been so confident with the Hagen system and the people at EFI that we didn’t even look around the second time. We knew upgrading to EFI Monarch was the right decision for us.”

C & J Forms and Label is back on track with EFI, the largest provider of MIS/ERP solutions for the printing and packaging industry. “It has been great to reunite with the team at EFI and we are looking forward to working with a trusted partner again,” said Calvert.


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