Appleton Mfg. Div. Core Cutting Solutions are Automated


NEENAH, WI | Appleton Mfg. Division reports its fully automated core cutting solutions provide manufacturers with increased control, allowing them the flexibility to quickly scale production-based market conditions, while increasing efficiency.

The modular design of the system allows it to accommodate a variety of needs and situations. From low-volume, single-level delivery to high-volume requirements that incorporate hoppers, elevators, diverting, positioning, and finishing systems. Company says this allows for reduced labor to leverage resources and provide operators with more time to perform other tasks while the core cutting system is running. 

Existing core cutters can be upgraded with these automated core cutting solutions, meaning there is no need to rip-and-replace existing equipment.

“These customizable solutions allow manufacturers to quickly shift capacity based on fast changing market conditions,” says Matt Spang, western regional sales manager for Appleton. “Increasing, decreasing, or stopping production altogether, the automated system can be programmed by a simple touch.”

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