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Teknek to Present Research at AIMCAL Conference


RENFREWSHIRE, SCOTLAND | Teknek will introduce its latest research into web cleaning technology at the AIMCAL 2013 Conference, October 27–30, in Charleston, SC.

Teknek’s technical director Sheila Hamilton has been invited to speak at the conference on the subject of “Substrate Cleaning in a High Vacuum Environment.” The company says the deposition of very thin functional films within a vacuum chamber is particularly susceptible to particulate contamination on the substrate, and it has developed a new contact cleaning system that can operate within a high vacuum environment without detriment to either the vacuum chamber operation or to the cleaning performance of the unit.

The paper will present the results of work carried out together with the Holst Centre in the Netherlands under the auspices of “Clean4Yield,” a program funded by the European Community.

Hamilton says, “Results presented will include details of outgassing tests conducted on various different contact cleaning elastomers and adhesives within a high vacuum chamber together with details of the cleaning performances of the elastomer both before and after vacuum exposure. The best performing elastomer and adhesive were then incorporated into a special cleaning unit, designed specifically to operate at the unwind and rewind stations of a silicon nitride deposition tool for barrier film.”

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