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Heidelberg and Fujifilm Form Alliance in Inkjet Printing


HEIDELBERG, GERMANY | Heidelberger Druckmaschinen and Fujifilm Corp. report a strategic partnership in the area of inkjet printing.

The strategic global collaboration targets growth potential in commercial and packaging markets. Heidelberg will gain access to Fujifilm's inkjet technology, and Fujifilm will leverage Heidelberg's strengths in engineering and manufacturing. Both companies expect synergies by leveraging sales strength and global customer service network in each company.

Reportedly, the alliance has a special focus on bringing next-generation products to the digital printing market and gives both companies access to advanced technologies in the prepress area. Meeting current and future customer needs remains primary for Fujifilm and Heidelberg as both companies continue to focus their portfolios on market segments with the greatest potential for profitability and growth.

Gerold Linzbach, CEO of Heidelberg, says, "In Fujifilm we have found an internationally recognized partner with innovative strengths in the future-oriented areas of consumables and inkjet technology. This marks a significant step forward in our corporate strategy. Fujifilm's prepress capabilities and technologies in the area can enhance and grow existing business. With Fujifilm's inkjet technology, we can build on the experience in digital printing gained through other partnerships and quickly move into the peak performance segment. It is our goal to also become a global player in the growing digital printing applications market.…Within three years we envision a sales potential for Heidelberg in the digital business of more than €200 million."

"Fujifilm and Heidelberg have led the printing industry in each domain,” says Shigetaka Komori, chairman and CEO of Fujifilm. “Heidelberg's reputation among world's printers is unique. Its strong customer network opens important new possibilities for state-of-the-art inkjet technologies. With Heidelberg's global market presence in the printing industry, we can introduce our products to new customer groups and increase their potential, and with their manufacturing know-how we will be able to enhance innovation and develop technologies that will open new roads in digital printing.”

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