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CGS Adds Color Management Products


MINNEAPOLIS, MN | CGS Publishing Technologies Intl. announces two new products that go along with its ORIS suite of color management products: ORIS Lynx represents the cloud-based color management solution, and for the packaging industry, IC3D Suite from Creative Edge Software is a real-time 3D packaging visualization, ideation, and design application in one product.

The ORIS Lynx generates both device link and ICC profiles to control the quality and consistency of CMYK or RGB output on a wide range of devices. Patented color management algorithms are said to reproduce colors accurately, and the relationship between the four printing inks is calculated carefully producing an outstanding neutral grey balance and overall reduction in the amount of toner or ink used, company says.

IC3D Suite technology, said to simplify 3D, uses a patented Auto Mesh Mapping process allowing labels and artwork to be placed accurately on complex packaging models in real time. Also provides simple importing and creation of sophisticated materials like refracting glass, metallic effects, holographics, or even lenticular effects.

Earlier this year at Print 13, both solutions were recognized: ORIS Lynx received the 2013 InterTech Technology Award from the Printing Industries of America, and IC3D Suite was named a Must See ‘Ems award recipient.

“Companies seeking new ways to control costs—and new revenue opportunities—now have two tools ready to help them along the way,” says CEO Trevor Haworth. “We’re excited about the response to ORIS Lynx and IC3D Suite after their launches this fall, and continue to see new ways they help reduce the stress of daily operations.”

ORIS Lynx and IC3D Suite (plus the entire ORIS product line) will be shown at the Color Management Conference, December 7–10, 2013, at the Arizona Biltmore, Phoenix, AZ.

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