Chromasens Inspection System Manages Color


BURLINGTON, MA | Chromasens announces a vision-based inspection system said to achieve unprecedented accuracy by incorporating spectral image capture with 12 individual color channels per pixel instead of just three. 

The fully automated system combines company’s truePIXA multichannel line scan camera with its new CORONA II broadband line light, along with software that mimics the functionality of a traditional spectrophotometer.

Said to be flexible and affordable, the truePIXA-Corona II system can be deployed successfully in-line or off-line in offset, gravure, flexo, or digital printing, as well as in the color analysis of printed products such as sheets, stickers, brochures, and wallpaper. High-speed color inspection is performed over the full-size document or in smaller, arbitrary areas of interest at any stage in the production process.

"In-line checking with our system reduces the number of rejections because it lets the printer initiate corrective actions, such as separating defective prints or readjusting machines, early in the production process," says Markus Schnitzlein, president of Chromasens. "The result is significantly less waste, lower labor costs, higher speed, and higher quality printed documents.”

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