Appleton Mfg. Div. Customizes Butt Roll Slabber


NEENAH, WI | Appleton Mfg. Division reports it delivered an integrated, partially automated Slabber XLA to a customer in 2013. Soon after, the customer requested that company help customer improve what was largely a manual process for recovering material and cores from butt rolls. The customer wanted a manual loading process but also wanted a powered solution for removing the material in order to improve safety and productivity. 

Starting with the Safe-Slab concept, company designed a custom solution that works by slicing the material longitudinally with a circular knife blade. The entire cutting area and apparatus is contained within an enclosure made of extruded aluminum structural members with PVC-coated steel wire mesh panels. It features a vertical sliding access door for loading and unloading rolls and the door auto-locks when the machine is in use.

Company says worker safety is improved and customer is able to recover the core for re-use and the material for recycling at a much higher rate of productivity. In addition to the slabbing capabilities, the custom Butt Roll Slabber also cuts headers in half for easier disposal.

Machine specifications are as follows:

• Max Roll Width: 64 in.

• Max Roll OD: 12 in.

• Max Roll Weight: 100 lbs

• Core ID: 6.0 & 6.75 in.

• Core Walls: 3/8 in., 1/2 in., and 5/8 in.

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