Techkon USA Offers Print Color Control System


DANVERS, MA | Techkon USA supplier of densitometers, spectrophotometers, and software solutions for the global print and packaging communities, has launched PressLink, closed loop print color control solution. It is said to offer pressroom automation, materials waste reduction, increased productivity, and consistent color quality.

Product comprises hardware and software components that enable both automatic presetting of the ink fountains at the start of a press run as well as continuous automatic adjustments based on target values throughout the press run. Compatible with most press manufacturers, system connects the prepress room directly to the press using the ink presetting software, reportedly enabling the press to automatically set the right input level for the ink keys. As press starts running, operator scans press sheets with the SpectroDrive to ensure that the accurate density has been achieved. If accurate density is not achieved, company’s Expresso software will send the right settings to the ink keys to make the necessary adjustments on the fly, thus closing the loop on color control.

Solution is available in three different packages as well as in custom configurations:

• PressLink Ink Presetting: Calculates ink coverage for each ink zone and all colors based on CIP3, JDF, or TIFF file from prepress. Automatically presets press ink keys for optimal ink coverage.

• PressLink Scanning: The SpectroDrive automatically scans entire colors bars in a matter of seconds while simultaneously sending spectral color and density measurement data wirelessly to a PC running company’s software.

• PressLink Closed Loop System: The SpectroDrive measures press sheet color bars and automatically adjusts press ink keys to maintain optimal ink coverage. Ink keys are set based on target density or minimum achievable Delta E.

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