EFI Fiery DFEs Power Xerox Presses


FREMONT, CA | EFI announces two powerful Fiery digital front ends (DFEs) for the new Xerox Versant 2100 press.

The Xerox EX 2100 and EX-P 2100 print servers powered by Fiery use a new 10-bit, 1,200 dpi processing technology at the digital front end. Processing tinted text and graphics at these resolutions is said to produce sharper edges for an crisp, clean appearance.

The new Fiery Ultra Smooth Gradients feature goes beyond traditional 8-bit rendering to help eliminate “stair stepped” gradient shades common in digital printing of vector images. Company says these technology advances mean higher print quality and less rework.

“…the new Fiery servers deliver on their most urgent image quality and color accuracy needs,” says Robert Stabler , senior VP, Xerox Graphic Communications Business Group. “Fiery servers are unique in their ability to increase shop automation and productivity with their seamless integration to EFI MIS and Web-to-Print products as well as leading prepress workflow solutions.” The new DFEs are based on EFI’s award winning Fiery FS100 Pro platform — the first DFE platform to carry a 100% perfect pass rating from VIGC’s PDF RIP Audit. As a result, users can eliminate trial-and-error approaches to output using Fiery technology that ensures that complex design elements like overprinting and transparencies print correctly the very first time.

Fiery DFEs integrate tightly with Xerox FreeFlow Workflow Collection and FreeFlow Core, reportedly providing customers with additional time-saving automation and operational efficiency.

“The advancements in creative design software over the last five years are pushing the boundaries of digital front ends and color printers,” says Marco Boer, VP, IT Strategies, a market research consultancy. “The introduction of EFI’s new Fiery EX and EX-P servers, coupled with the new Xerox Versant 2100 production color digital printer, could not be timed better to handle the exponential processing power required to correctly render complex design capabilities, such as transparency reveals and gradual shadow transitions, and meet ever increasing customer expectations on output quality.”

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