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Flint Announces New Opaque White Ink


PLYMOUTH, MN | Flint Group Narrow Web is offering a new range of opaque white inks in the EkoCure series; the latest development in UV LED free radical technology for use on shrink sleeves and said to have no limitation in shrink. EkoCure Shrink Whites reportedly provide excellent flexibility, adhesion, and printability and are designed to provide more than 70% shrink.

Company says inks have excellent adhesion and are suitable for a wide range of films, including PVC, OPS, OPP, PLA, & PETG. Also said to offer very good flowout, opacity, and whiteness. Whites are provided in a range of Coefficient of Friction (COF) values.

Because the UV LED curing process does not generate any IR heat, this is called a perfect match for printing shrink film applications. Company says printers can use EkoCure products with UV LED lamps on presses that have no or minimal heat management and be successful printing shrink film labels.

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