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BASF Announces New Products


FLORHAM Park, NJ | BASF showcased some new products at the recent RadTech 2014 Technology Expo and Conference. Among the products suited for converters:

Microlith J is a new generation of high-performance, solid pigment preparations specifically developed for UV-curable inkjet inks. It consists of high-grade organic pigments and carbon black, pre-dispersed in a binder. These preparations are said to excel by their small particle size and narrow particle size distribution resulting in accurate particle size control for maximum color strength, gloss, and transparency as well as excellent dispersion stability. They are easily incorporated into commonly used acrylate- or vinyl-based inkjet monomers by means of just a dissolver or other high-shear mixers without the need for milling.

Laromer PE 9105 is a new low-viscosity polyester tetra acrylate that is suitable for flexographic and inkjet inks. It is a low-molecular-weight, multifunctional polyester acrylate oligomer reported to form tough, flexible films on a wide variety of substrates from paper and board over plastic films to metals. Because of its low viscosity, corresponding formulations with Laromer PE 9105 can be applied either by conventional roller coating techniques or by spray coating. This fast-curing, general-purpose oligomer features low shrinkage that results in high flexibility and good adhesion on many different substrates, company says.

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