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Appleton Mfg. Division Adds to Safe-Slab Line


NEENAH, WI | Appleton Mfg. Division is announces two new machines for the Safe-Slab Core Recycler product line. The Butt Roll Safe-Slab and the Master Roll Safe-Slab join the original Safe-Slab products to provide a full line of slabbing options for just about any roll material, company says. 

The Butt Roll Safe-Slab reportedly offers a safe, productive, and hands-free slabbing solution for butt rolls. Machine operators are removed from the cutting process, and slabbing occurs automatically within a wire mesh enclosure. The unit features interlocking doors for added safety. The slabbing is performed by the automated cutting mechanism and is activated by the operator via push button control. The operator only has to load the butt roll onto the slabbing arm, the rest of the slabbing process is controlled via the externally mounted operator control panel.

The new Master Roll Safe-Slab can be installed as a standalone operation or to work with existing workflows to provide seamless integration capable of providing a high level of automation. Company says safety is enhanced by placing the blade and cutting area within an enclosure that requires no direct interaction from the operator during the slabbing process. Once the master roll is loaded onto the slabbing arm, the operator simply presses a button and the roll is lifted into cutting position. Automated cutting mechanism are said to achieve a much faster pace of precise cutting than manual cutting with utility knives. This controlled processing allows a metered or measured amount of material to flow into the reprocessing system.


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