Label Converter Max Aarts Implements MIS-ERP Solution

LICHTENVOORDE, NETHERLANDS | Label converter Max Aarts, mid-sized printing company situated in Enschede, The Netherlands, installed DiMS.NET!, the latest version of the fully integrated MIS-ERP solution from DiMS! organizing print B.V.

Max Aarts produces roll to roll labels for the food industry and general industry. Its product groups are divided into adhesive labels, adhesive tape, printed bands, gummed tape, and barrier tape, as well as specialized products like bio and 100% compostable labels and foils.

Andre Prohitius, managing director at Max Aarts, says, “All our activities, from prepress to final production take place in our premises. This ensures that all lines in the production process are very short; communication to our customers is fast and direct.

"Our order structure represents the full spectrum of a modern, high-end company in today’s label industry: from very small to very large production. Our services range from simple, unprinted items to complex, customized products for various applications. Therefore, it was more than consequent to implement, with DiMS.NET!, a fully integrated MIS/ERP solution, which will give us—in real time and with a simple push on a button—all information about all our processes in house—end-to-end—around our customers and the actual status of their products. DiMS! has moved us a big step forward.”


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