Esko Reports Successful “Help” Website Rollout


GHENT, BELGIUM | Esko reports the successful implementation of its on-line Knowledge Base system. This system, part of a complete Esko help center, is a digital platform for customer support self-service. It is accessible for company’s users worldwide and can be navigated in a number of languages.

“According to the Technology Services Industry Assn. (TSIA), planned spending on knowledge management and self-service technology is currently very high. Companies are relying on technology to create more robust self-service knowledge base systems,” says Igor Vandromme, Esko VP Global Services. “TSIA also reports that new technology is enabling self-service sites to be overhauled and help to improve success rates. When more than half of TSIA members plan to spend resources in a single technology area, it is obvious that a major industry shift is occurring.”

Company says it is responding to customer preferences that more users prefer to access online resources as their “first line” of immediate support and that the efforts have paid off. Visitor traffic has increased 75% from the launch of the on-line Knowledge Base less than half a year ago.

The Knowledge Base library is Wiki-based and searchable. It is populated with articles written by company experts. Each article goes through an extensive auditing process to ensure it is valuable, categorized properly, and technically correct.

“[The] Knowledge Base is a supplement to our support teams, a means to help customers find answers immediately,” says Vandromme. “We are building an integrated support network and therefore are deploying modern technology to assist our customers. Our customers are pushing us to offer a self-service model, something that is more efficient and effective for basic questions. We’re just responding to the changing needs of the workforce.”

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