GSE Dispensing Offers Range of Products


CHARLOTTE, NC | GSE Dispensing offers the Colorsat products for ink dispensing.

The Colorsat FCS (Formula Checkweigh System), said to offer full control over the management and weighing of ink batches, is suitable for all inks.

Colorsat Match is suited for narrow web printers and users of relatively low ink volumes.

Colorsat Slim is called the economical dispensing solution. The plug and dispense equipment can be executed with up to 20 different components.

Colorsat Compact is designed for fully automated and computerized dispensing of up to 32 different components and two on/off water or solvent valves.

Colorsat Mixpoint is called a flexible, high-capacity system that can dispense up to 64 different water- or solvent-based or UV-curable components.

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