Creative Edge Software Upgrades 3D Suite


DOVER, DE | Creative Edge Software announces a major upgrade to IC3D Suite, the company’s real-time 3D packaging design and visualization software.

Created for brand owners, packaging prepress, and packaging printing companies, IC3D Suite is said to simplify and speed up the creation and visualization of packaging products of all kinds—including flexible packages, cartons, bags, plastic containers, and more. Suite allows users to visualize instantaneously the impact of certain design decisions, create pack shots, POS, and retail shelving product comparisons. Reportedly allows any 2D graphic artist to create 3D models and apply artwork on them in order to visualize what the real final package will look like.

A new undistort function for applying a shrink-wrap foil on single or multiple items allows the user to pre-distort the artwork with production precision, company says, ensuring that once the shrink is applied, it appears completely undistorted as the engineer and designer intends.

IC3D is available as a complete Suite for all packaging types, or in a dedicated Carton Edition for any type of folding carton product ranging from a simple box to an advanced point-of-sale unit.

Company also reports the introduction of a free viewer application for Mac and Windows that allows stakeholders in the packaging creation process to exchange native IC3D files and open them on any computer.

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