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AirTrim Adds Solutions for Trim Cutting

SPRINGFIELD, OH | AirTrim is expanding its pneumatic system trim- and waste-handling focus for the paper, plastic, film and foil, converting industries. In addition to seven standard cutter models, company also now offers cutter rebuild services plus the design capability to provide special sized trim cutters for unique applications which standard trim cutters cannot satisfy.

The Trim Cutter Solutions focus provides a one-stop resource for what company says is the largest selection of both trim cutters and portable, compact trim removal systems in North America, referred to as “MITS” (Move It Trim Systems). Company also offers design services for special width application trim cutters.

“Trim cutting is an increasingly important and growing segment of the market, and we’re excited to offer the resources to assist customers in all phases of their trim cutter needs,” says company president Robert Patton. “Companies increasingly need to reduce the cost and volume of their trim waste handling through cutting and/or chopping their material. In addition, heightened awareness of customer product security is also playing a part. Cut, chopped, or granulated unusable labels for packaging eliminate the potential for alternate, nefarious uses of their customers’ product; many label customers are starting to request destruction of these.”

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