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Butler Introduces Automatic Film Splicer

MIDDLEBOROUGH, MA | Butler Automatic announces the SP3HSL Series Automatic Film Splicer. The splicer, an automatic web splicing system for printed sleeve films, is said to increase line efficiency in sleeved packaging operations by eliminating film roll change
downtime. Film roll changes must occur in shrink sleeve packaging applications as frequently as once every 18 minutes, and changing the roll by hand wastes one to three minutes of production time. By incorporating the SP3 Automatic Sleeve Splicer, roll change time is eliminated, thereby increasing line efficiency by 9% or more in these applications, company reports.

“This product was originally developed to solve an efficiency problem for one key customer of [ours],” says Mike Mucci, VP at Butler Automatic. “This particular customer will increase line efficiency by 9 percent, leading to a payback on their investment of less three months.”

Capable of running at speeds of up to 450 fpm, the SP3HSL automatically splices the end of each expiring roll of film onto the new roll. Company says the technology is well suited for increasing production time in Consumer Packaged Goods and pharmaceutical applications utilizing shrink sleeve packaging.

The splicer will be sold both through OEM machine builders for new production lines and for retro-fit installation on existing packaging lines.

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